Why Goat Milk Formula is Better for Your Baby


While breastmilk is still the most recommended source of nutrition for a young baby, many mothers choose to use or supplement formula for feedings. However, even standard formula may not be up to par with what you want to give your baby, especially if they are lactose intolerant and are following a special diet. Goat milk formula is becoming increasingly popular every day, as more and more parents are realizing the many benefits that the milk contains. One of the most popular benefits is the fact that goat’s milk is very similar to human breast milk. It has a chemical composition that is closer to that of human milk than cow’s milk, making it much easier to digest.

Why Goat Milk?

Goat milk is a much healthier alternative to cow’s milk and formula. The average dairy farm uses antibiotics, growth hormones, GMO feed and vaccinations on their animals so that they produce as much milk as possible at a rapid pace. Many people, babies included, experience a plethora of negative side effects from drinking or consuming cow’s milk, such as bloating, gas or becoming lactose intolerant. Consuming goat’s milk is a healthier alternative for your baby. Goat’s milk has many benefits and produces fewer allergies and digestion issues when consumed.

Better for the Belly

Research has shown that goat’s milk does not cause inflammation the way that cow’s milk or formula can. It is easier on a small child’s delicate stomach, causing less gas, bloating and inflammation. Additionally, the size of the fat molecules found in goat’s milk is actually smaller than that of cow’s milk. This causes a person to digest the goat’s milk faster and easier.

Nutritionally Sound

When you are looking for the best formula for your baby, goat milk baby formula is the best option because of the many nutrients it contains. For one, goat milk formula is rich in calcium and meets the calcium requirements a baby needs to grow strong, healthy bones. Also, goat’s milk is about thirty-five percent fatty acid, which makes it more nutritionally sound. This is also why goat’s milk is more easily digestible than cow’s milk. Goats are almost never given the same hormones that a cow is given, such as bovine somatotropin, a growth hormone that can increase milk production by artificial means. The milk that a goat produces is typically less toxic and can even boost the immune system, as it contains selenium, an important trace mineral. Goat’s milk is also better for the metabolism. Studies done by the USDA have linked the use of goat milk formula to an increased ability to metabolize both copper and iron. This is especially important for those who have absorption and digestion limitations. A lot of the resources at Kabrita could be useful if you want more information.