Why Does My Toilet Keep Clogging: 7 Possible Reasons


The bathroom is where all the best ideas develop. So a clogged toilet can destroy all those fun ideas that came to you on the seat in a matter of seconds. Watching the water rise instead of going down is the stuff of nightmares. Will all the waste prop up to the top? Will you ever generate more world-changing ideas when you can’t use the toilet?

Clogged toilets happen when particles block the drain pipes. Depending on the damage, the blockage can be partial or complete. Fixing your clogged toilet also depends on the blacked material. Metals and heavy items don’t decompose readily, and the damage could have lasting effects.

Solving any problems requires finding out the root cause. If you’ve dealt with a clogged toilet too many times, your plunger has possibly seen better days at this point.

Here are some reasons on why does a toilet keep clogging:

1. You live in a old house with low-flow toilets

Low-flow toilets help you save water when you flush. On average, each flush takes about three gallons of water, which adds up to water wastage. However, low-flow toilets also come with their challenges. If you live in an older house, chances are you have a first-generation low-flow.

The problem with older low-flow toilets also lies in the flushing power. They typically have lower pressure than the newer ones. If you have one of these, you don’t have to change the entire toilet. Instead, limit the toilet paper use and avoid dropping items into the bowl.

2. Blocked toilet trap

Blocked toilet trap is a common reason on why a toiled keeps clogging. If you have kids in your home, you have a high chance of finding toys clogged in your toilet. True story. If your plunger doesn’t do the trick with your clogged toilet, consider the option of solid items stuck in the trap. Don’t stick your fingers in there, though. Your hands won’t thank you for doing that.

There’s also the chance of products like tampons, pads, and condoms clogging the trap. Other items like floss, disposable wipes, and paper towels also cause clogging.

3. Hard or chlorinated water

High school chemistry teaches you that hard water is rich in minerals. While that sounds good for your body, hard water could limit your toilet’s flushing ability. Hard water contains minerals like calcium and magnesium that deposit after a while.

Ever seen a body of clean water with white particles settled at the bottom? It’s the minerals of hard water settling. With toilets, the calcium and magnesium particles deposit inside the pipe, clogging the drain. This problem affects people who get their water supply from wells since these minerals come from the soil.

If you have this problem, invest in water softeners to eliminate the particles. Chlorination also causes damage to the plastic parts of your toilet flusher, which weakens its flushing ability.

4. Sewer line problems

Fixing one clogged toilet is already a problem. Imagine having multiple clogged toilets in one home. That can happen when there’s a damaged sewer line in your home. Heavy waste and build-up of blockage can cause ripple effects in your home.

Punctures in your sewer line can also cause problems while flushing. Natural causes like tree roots can puncture the sewer line leading debris to block the pipes. If you’re experiencing this problem, consult a professional plumber to prevent waste leakage in your home.

Damaged sewer lines can cause permanent problems to your house and even create health problems for your family.

5. Poor diet

Your dietary options could be the reason your toilet keeps clogging. Even if you avoid flushing items like Q-Tips, dental floss, and your children’s Lego pieces, the food your family consumes also determines how smoothly waste goes down. Think about it. If the poo comes out smoothly, then it should go down smoothly as well.

People who consume heavy meat-based and junk food diets pass out solid waste that can clog the toilet. Thankfully, a plunger can solve this in a quick time. However, incorporate plants and vegetables into your diet to prevent this from happening too frequently. Drink a lot of water and eat high-fiber foods like lentils, oatmeal, and nuts.

6. Too much toilet paper

Is there anything like too much toilet paper? Absolutely. Even if you think you need excess paper to cleanse your memory of your latest number two, this can still clog your toilet. Why? Some toilet paper brands don’t dissolve properly in water.

Using too much paper can build up and block the drain. If this happens, your plunger or a chemical clog remover could save you. To tackle inferior toilet paper, opt for trusted brands or try the radical option of installing a bidet.

7. Blocked plumbing vent

Plumbing vents improve flushing pressure by transporting fresh air. Problems can arise when objects block these vents. Things like bird nests, leaves, and sticks can clog these vents causing low pressure when you flush.

As mentioned in #1, low pressure can clog your toilets. Unfortunately, your plunger can’t save you in this case. Contact a professional if you suspect you have a blocked plumbing vent.


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