Why Does My Tire Keep Going Flat?


Owning a vehicle is an investment on your end, but it can pay dividends in the long run. Once you start the ignition and get your tires on the road, most of your daily activities can be completed without an issue. However, the aforementioned tires may be affected in more ways than one.

In some drastic scenarios, these tires may start going flat for reasons beyond your initial understanding. However, all hope is not lost. With enough investigation, you can locate the source, or sources, of your tires repeatedly going flat. Afterwards, you can get new Toronto tires replaced for your car.

Here are the most common reason on why your tire keeps going flat:

1. Sharp Puncture in Tires

Sometimes, the reason your tires are going flat is that they have simply been penetrated by something sharp. Since we do not know of all the dangers on the road, tire punctures can be invisible. Moreover, the punctures can be so subtle, that you do not even readily notice them at first glance.

While you are driving on the road, always use your intuition to do not accidentally harm your tires. They are not an invincible part of your vehicle, and they need to be treated with the utmost care. Drive safely and responsibly, and your tires will remain in good condition for the long term.

2. Tire Bead Leak

Tire bead leak is a common reason why your tire keeps going flat. For the finer details of your tires, the smaller components of the wheel will matter greatly. In some circumstances, the tire bead will be negatively impacted in some fashion, which can cause a leak. Once air leaks out, no matter how small the rupture, your tire will eventually go flat.

If you need to double-check the status of the tire bead, spray your wheels with some soapy water. You’ll also want to ensure the valve system is sprayed as well, for an optimal checkup. Should a steady stream of soapy bubbles emanate from the tire, a bead leak is probably present.

3. Ripped Tires

Speaking of ruptures, your tires can be ripped in some extent, which can kickstart the process of it going flat. Not only is this a detriment to your driving situation, it can prove to be harmful overall. As a start, be sure to always double-check areas on the tire that are susceptible to wear and tear.

4. Valve Stem

As mentioned previously, spraying your valve system will allow you to see if there are leaks present in the tire bead. In addition, you’ll want to further inspect it by looking at the valve stem itself. Generally speaking, there may be some damage here not immediately noticeable.

The valve stem in a tire can indeed become corroded if the tire has been used for long periods of time. Not only can this make the tire constantly go flat, but it is very dangerous to the driver operating the vehicle.

5. Over Pumped Tires

Keeping your tires in good standing means ensuring they have enough air filled inside of them. However, don’t over-pump air into your set of wheels, as this can be very counterproductive to your driving.

6. Vandalism

In some drastic situations, there may be some sort of criminal act done to your car, which causes the tire to go flat. Keep your vehicle out of immediate sight, by parking it in a garage or other, protective area.

7. Road Hazards

No one likes potholes, especially ones that seem to come out of nowhere. If you happen to drive over one, you risk garnering damage to your tires. Always be careful when driving, to keep your tires secure!


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