Why Does My Acne Hurt So Much?


In life, there will be multiple instances of pain to be experienced. While you can be as cautious as possible, sooner or later, there will be discomfort encountered. It can all be a nuisance, from being overwhelmed with mental stress to experiencing severe acne on the body. Concerning the latter, acne can most certainly develop to the point of pain throughout the body.

Why is this the case? There could be multiple reasons for this, as everyone’s body will be different. In this regard, it is important to discover potential sources for your own acne experiences. Only then will you be able to find the applicable solutions to put your body in a place of comfort.

Let’s learn why does your acne hurt so much.

1. Inflammation

The main culprit for any superficial scar or pimple on your body could be inflammation. For whatever reason, there may be changes within the body that will lead to the latter. If you have never experienced it before, you may find that your first encounter with acne could hurt a bit.

Sometimes, you may get a scar that opens the body to germs and bacteria. If not treated accordingly, inflammation will appear and can affect acne in and around the area. It is always important to treat this immediately, as the pain you experience does not have to last. A cosmetic clinic offers effective treatment that can combat inflammation on the skin!

2. Puberty

When you eventually reach the stage of being a teenager, you are introduced to a bevy of experiences. One of the most impactful changes comes via puberty, which sees the body undergo fundamental changes. Sometimes, these superficial changes can be as swift as you’d like them to be.

Unfortunately, they can be pretty painful on the body at other times. As mentioned previously, every human body is different. The onset of painful acne can affect some teens, whereas it may just be a simple pimple on someone else. Speak to a professional about this if you are worried about it affecting you during this time in your life.

3. Poor Skincare

We must ensure that we take the right steps in caring for our bodies. A great tip to keep in mind for the long haul is implementing a skincare routine. You do not have to overspend or overwhelm yourself with products to create one. Rather, grab a few items to help mitigate the pain caused by potential acne.

If your routine works, you will find that you can pre-emptively combat acne as a whole! Moisturizers and secondary items like serums will work wonders for your skin. Apply your routine at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. The more consistent you are, the less of a burden your acne will be.

4. Bodily Area

Not all acne locations were made to hurt the same. Some areas of the body will be much more painful when compared to others. Some individuals have found that acne on their arms mostly feels like a tight pinch. Compare this to those who, unfortunately, have it on their lower back.

This bodily area is known for causing the most discomfort since you will have to sit down and get up during the day. To get around this source of pain, recognize what this means for the short and long term. A professional will then be able to advise you on what path to take for recovery. It doesn’t have to hamper your lifestyle forever!

5. Other Sources

Sometimes, what you think may be acne is not necessarily acne. Pores on your skin can become clogged due to various reasons. When this happens, acne may develop at some point. However, you should also be aware that pain sources can result from other types of pimples.

From blackheads to whiteheads, these sources could feel hurtful, but not to the extent of skin acne. Finding out what this may mean for you regarding a long-term solution is essential. That way, you can continue to treat it without worrying about when the pain will kick in.

Speaking to a dermatologist will be one of the best ways to treat your skin’s acne. Instead of relying on topical solutions, such as a moisturizer, your professional will direct you accordingly. Sometimes, this may involve taking oral medication to help keep inflammation at bay. Sooner or later, your acne will not pose a threat to your comfort levels in the future!