What Happens When You Vape for the First Time?


The experience of vaping has quickly taken the world by storm and has grown to immense levels of popularity. It may be time to seek alternatives for those who are not as fond of traditional forms of smoking anymore. While still possessing relative harms and dangers, vaping can be an ideal way to engage in the activity.

Vaping first dropped into the mainstream a couple of decades ago. While vaping usage was relatively simple, it is very different from today’s vaping. Many devices and e-liquids available now, all of which can suit your tastes. That is why it is vital to consider your preferences first and foremost.

Beginners will need to arm themselves with all the details necessary to vape properly. The first time you activate your device, you will be introduced to a brand new experience. Make this experience friendly on the body and mind.

Here is what happens when you vape for the first time:

Choose a vaping device

When you get started, you will have to figure out what sort of vaping device will work for you. Since your first time vaping will be a huge experience, you want to ensure that you get it right. To begin with, take a look at your preference for e-liquid. Some of these types of vaping oil can have varying nicotine levels inside.

Moreover, the point of your vaping experience is to shoot for simplicity through and through. All vaping devices made for newcomers to vaping should have an easy interface and provide a palatable flavour. If you don’t know where to start, disposable vapes could be excellent options for beginners. They allow you to test out the devices on a budget-friendly option.

Vaping effects

In any form that it comes in, smoking can bring about several second-hand effects. These effects can affect the body and mind in various forms. Make sure that you know of these symptoms first before you inhale through the mouthpiece for the first time. For instance, vaping can bring about bouts of dizziness after prolonged use.

Other users have stated that their first time vaping also brought on short-term bouts of headaches and nausea. If you feel that your vaping experience has exacerbated these symptoms, be sure to stop as soon as possible. If they worsen, you should contact a medical expert immediately.

Vaping flavours

The strength of the nicotine and the simplicity of the device will play into how your vaping experience is. If you want to make the most out of your first time, you should consider the flavour. There are a ton of e-liquids that are flavoured enough to make your experience immensely enjoyable.

If you find that your experience was not as enjoyable, there are hundreds of others to try out too! A good balance is to make sure that there is a hint of nicotine without having an overbearing flavour present. By prioritizing the flavour, your first time will be that more satisfying.

How to inhale

Newcomers to vaping should always ensure that they take their time before inhaling. That means you should take slow and methodical draws or inhales once the device is used. Be sure to hold the vape in your mouth for a few seconds before you exhale the vapour out. Methodically repeat this motion, and you will be good to go.

A good rule of thumb is to ensure you hold the vape in your mouth for five seconds before releasing it. This allows the vapour to work as intended so that you can get the most out of your experience every time.

How to exhale

One of the most important rules to remember when vaping for the first time is simply relaxing. You shouldn’t be in an agitated mood before conducting the activity. Rather, make sure that you are calmed and in good composure before you decide to vape.

Vaping is supposed to be a relaxing, recreational activity. Despite the strength of the nicotine present, your body and mind will be in a fulfilled state after exhaling a few times. Once you get accustomed to the motion of the activity, vaping can be a fun and new hobby to keep up with!


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