4 Simple Tips to Become a Vaping Wizard


Vaping is without a doubt a much safer and better choice compared with smoking. After making the switch from smoking to vaping, you’re free from thousands of harmful chemicals and you can stop agonizing about smoking-related ailments. Whether you’ve just gotten your first vaping kit or are planning on purchasing one soon, these tips will be useful for vaping beginners.

1. Don’t Worry About Getting a Cheap First Setup

This is the most common mistake smokers make when going the vape route. Most people automatically think that spending $100 for a decent vaping kit is expensive. This is because they’re used to spending around $5-$10 a day to satisfy their tobacco cravings.

This is the entirely wrong way to think about it. Such aspiring vapers will go on to get the cheapest cig-a-like or the kit with an old low-end clearomizer. Of course, this won’t meet their expectations.

2. Be Sure Vaping Is Permitted

Although vaping is just much safer than smoking for those in your vicinity, it’s a good idea to be careful where you decide to vape. As with non-smokers, let’s be considerate to non-vapers by not using our devices close by them. See to it that you’re complying with your local regulations regarding e-cigarette usage.

If you still are uncertain about it, just use the rule of thumb to not vape where you wouldn’t feel comfortable smoking a cigarette.

3. Don’t Become Fixated on Sub-Ohming

Sub-ohming is a great way to vape Toronto. This usually means enormous airflow, large amounts of vapor and organic cotton coils that deliver those mouth-watering flavors. This is not always going to work best for the beginner looking to transition off smoking and here’s why.

Too many clouds. The dense vapor can overwhelm you and cause you to cough (a lot!). Although e-cigarette vapor is obviously and definitely better than smoking tobacco, your body has this reaction because it’s unaccustomed to this kind of vapor. Though this won’t last and you’ll be chasing clouds without issues in no time, it can be unappetizing at the offset.

4. Don’t Let Yourself Go Without Supplies

This is one of those unwritten rules that you should absolutely never let yourself go without at least a few spare coils, a charged battery and, most importantly, e-liquid. Most of the time, these essential vaping tools aren’t as readily accessible as buying some cigarettes. It’s a lot of trouble to run out of any of these. The risk of reverting back to your old smoking habits increases.