Top 5 Physiotherapy Services for Healing


Rather than drugs or surgery, physiotherapy has been used since ancient times to relieve pain and promote healing. It can be especially helpful for people recovering from accidents or trauma. You might find one or a combination of these therapies helpful.

1. Exercise

If you have a problem with endurance, strength and movement, exercise is often recommended as a form of physiotherapy. Using and strengthening muscles increases flexibility and is encouraged as a premier method of healing. Exercise often relieves pain; the anxiety that may accompany it is also alleviated through the use of this method.

2. Massage

Massage can help restore motor abilities and function. Blood flow and circulation is stimulated, and connective tissue, ligaments and muscle undergo relaxation. Massage has also been associated with relieving anxiety, helping digestive problems, aiding with insomnia due to stress and more. Deep tissue massage and sports massage are geared towards treating injuries as well as relieving pain.

3. Hydrotherapy

Water is used in this method of healing; hydrotherapy has been used to promote healing of such conditions as arthritis, colds, depression and more. Greater buoyancy offers more exercise options with injuries. Additionally, increased temperatures and water turbulence increases flexibility and circulation, often resulting in a decrease in swelling. Improved balance and coordination are also benefits of hydrotherapy, along with reduction of muscle spasms and pain relief.

4. Electrotherapy

Electrical stimulation has been shown to be an effective form of physiotherapy. Hot packs, ultrasound and cold compresses also reduce swelling and relieve pain. It can repair tissues as well as strengthen muscles. Electrotherapy has also been shown to help relieve back pain and offer short-term relief.

5. Joint Manipulation and Muscle Stretching

Done with the help of a physiotherapist, hands-on techniques are applied for the relief of bone and muscle injuries. Easing movement restrictions, manual therapy helps to re-educate the body and assists in promoting movement. Stretching promotes circulation and aids in blood flow to the injured area.

It is evident that a number of services are available to people with athletic or work injuries, chronic illness, weakness, arthritis, and more. Whether you have over-extended yourself in a recent hockey game or sports meet or have a long term disorder, these methods have been shown to help with pain and motion as well as healing. Numerous options are open to you and have been used since ancient times to help those seeking the benefits of healing through physiotherapy services rather than drugs.