Tips for Choosing Child Care Services


One important decision every working parent makes is finding a child care center. Many factors have to be considered before the final decision is made. The best way to undertake this issue is by making a wish list. Write down some of the services and programs you would like your child to get and then prioritize the list while searching. Although cost may be a factor, it shouldn’t be the ultimate decider. A cheap daycare center may not necessarily be the worst option, and an expensive one may not be the best choice. Check if your child qualifies for child care advantage and get access to these subsidized services. You can also ask for tax credit in case you’re taking care of a needy child.


Does your child need all-day care or part-day care? Do you want a center that takes care of young kids or infants or a multi-age center? Which activities and programs will your kid enjoy? Do an online search on child care services around you and create a list. You are now ready to start making the calls. When visiting the centers, make sure you look out for some of the basics you have written on your list.

Cheerful and Clean

What do you see when you get to the center? Is it welcoming, clean, and well-maintained? Do the kids look like they are happily occupied, or the atmosphere seems over controlled. An ideal center should have enough staff and remain clean always. Toys, games and updated equipment are just but additional advantages.


Most centers will offer morning and afternoon snacks, and lunch. Other centers ask you to provide the snacks. Meals and snacks are very important. You should know what the center offers as early as possible especially if your child has special dietary needs.

Licensing and certification

A reputable daycare center should be licensed and inspected. Other agencies conduct the inspections from time to time to ensure that the set standards are always met. A good center will display their license in the main office. Ask them to show it to you if you don’t see it. In case they don’t, consider checking with the licensing body.

The workers should also be trained and certified. Some centers keep offering courses to their staff so that they can enhance their skills.

Activities and programs

Field trips to outdoor activity centers, libraries, and local parks will have a positive impact in your child’s life. Educational programs are also vital as they will keep the child entertained and engaged. Make sure your child gets the necessary activities and programs needed for their development. The Wee Watch Licensed Home Child Care website can provide you with additional resources.