New Methods of Plastic Surgery Increase Ways Of Eliminating Fat


Among the most common reasons a person may choose to undergo plastic surgery is to address stubborn and nagging fat. Diet and exercise can work tremendously well as a means of burning stored calories. Genetics vary among people and, while some may experience an even loss of fat, others may discover uneven fat distribution after presumably getting in shape. A little extra fat on the thighs, stomach, or arms can really stand out in an unwanted manner. A cosmetic procedure could very well help balance out a physique through getting rid of stubborn and unwanted fat.

The Emergence of New Procedures

Innovations in the world of cosmetic procedures present expanded options for those wishing to deal with fat. Traditional liposuction is still extremely popular, but doctors do offer new methods designed to heat or freeze fat. These are nonsurgical options that could result in major improvements on a body’s frame.

Fat freezing and laser heating procedures both entail using a localized “cold beam” that literally destroys fat cells. While no surgery is necessary, patience is. The destroyed fat has to exit the body through the lymphatic system. This does not occur overnight. Several weeks may be required in order for the full amount of targeted fat to be eliminated. The amount of fat removed won’t be as significant as would be the case with liposuction. Consider these drawbacks the trade-off for the nonsurgical aspect of the procedure.

Not Everyone Is A Candidate

Plastic surgeons will conduct an introductory consultation session with any potential candidate for surgical or nonsurgical procedures. Some may be under the impression that everyone is a candidate for nonsurgical options. This may not be the case.

An inquiring patient who has significant amounts of fat in the chest area probably would be unhappy with results from fat freezing. A small amount might be more effectively addressed, but large amounts of fat cannot be frozen. Therefore, after the body excretes a certain amount of fat, the chest would end up appearing uneven. Now, this does not mean there is no hope for the would-be candidate. Other types of plastic surgeries could potentially be performed.

Less-Invasive Liposuction

Plastic surgeons have embraced new ways of performing liposuction. Newer methods include using special laser to liquefied fat, which allows for more fat to be removed through a much smaller incision. Less downtime is required with a few of the newer approaches, which should be a plus for many candidates.

Anyone thinking about undergoing any type of fat treatment program should perform the necessary research prior to consulting with a plastic surgeon. During the consultation, a proper decision can be made regarding which treatment would be preferable.

Image Credit: DrDekleer