8 Most Common Reasons Why People Go to Jail


Have you ever wondered what are the common reasons people go to jail? What sort of crime do people have to commit to have to spend time behind bars?

The truth is that many people end up in jail because they don’t have enough money to pay their bail bond, which implies they will be released, as long as they promise to appear in court when they are required to. If they can’t pay, they have no choice but to go to jail, until they find a reputable criminal lawyer and appear before court.

Other people have to go to jail because they don’t know their legal rights, and could not benefit from a fair trial. But what do people do to end up in such a situation?

Here is a list of the most common reasons to go to jail:

Reason #1: Drug offences

One of the most common reasons to go to jail is because of drug-related offences. Criminal organizations make a lot of money by producing and selling illegal drugs. The people who work for these organizations can also make some money by selling drugs, but if they get caught, they can end up in jail.

Possessing and using illegal drugs is also punishable by law. Even though using medical marijuana is now legal in Canada, growing large amounts of this drug at home is also considered a drug-related offence.

Reason #2: Offences against the justice system

There are people who go to jail because they have committed offences against the justice system. This can take many forms: perjury, breach of bail, breach of probation, and failure to attend court mandated programs.

Obstructing a police officer, or impersonating a police officer are also considered offences against the justice system.

People who commit an offence against the justice system usually have been charged for another crime, and got into some more trouble by refusing to obey the law.

Reason #3: Traffic offences

Traffic offenses are common reasons for incarceration. People usually don’t go to jail because they ran a red light. If they repeatedly get caught violating traffic laws, they could face some serious consequences.

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, committing a hit-and-run, and driving dangerously or carelessly are all considered traffic offences. People who commit these offences could get their driving license suspended, have to pay heavy fines, get a criminal record, and even serve some time in jail.

Reason #4: Assault

Assault is another reason why people can go to jail. It includes any situation where force is applied intentionally to cause harm to someone. But you don’t have to physically hurt someone to be charged with assault: simply verbally threatening someone can be considered a violent crime.

Holding a weapon to threaten someone, even if it isn’t a real weapon, can also be considered assault.

Someone found guilty of assault, even if it seemed like a minor offence, could end up with a criminal record and serve some time in jail.

Reason #5: Sexual assault

A sexual assault is a type of assault that was committed for sexual purposes. Any type of sexual contact or behaviour that occurs without consent can be considered sexual assault. This includes rape, attempted rape, or any form of unwanted physical contact.

Someone who is found guilty of sexual assault can end up with a criminal record that will follow them throughout their life, and they can also serve time in jail.

Reason #6: Theft

Theft is another common reason why people go to jail. It can include shoplifting, retail theft, workplace-related theft, breaking and entering, or any situation where someone is taking and moving someone else’s property without their permission.

Robbery, which is the act of taking someone else’s possession through violence or intimidation, is a serious criminal offence.

Serious charges of theft or robbery can send someone in jail. The value of what was stolen determines how much time the person who committed the crime will serve behind bars.

Reason #7: Fraud

Fraud is a form of theft. It includes credit card fraud, social assistance fraud, business fraud, investment scams, and, of course, internet fraud. Cybercriminals are using different types of online fraud setups to steal money from people. Identity theft is a type of fraud that happens frequently through the internet.

Once again, depending on the amount of money that was stolen, someone recognized guilty of a fraud can serve a few years in jail.

Reason #8: Homicide

Finally, anyone who is found guilty of committing a murder will be taken to jail, and will probably stay in jail for a long time.

Homicide is one of the worst crimes that can be committed, but there are a number of other offences that could send someone in jail. There are even people who go to jail because they have been charged with a crime they did not commit. Wrongful conviction happens when an innocent person goes to jail while a criminal goes free.


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