Learn from these 10 Worst Medical Malpractice Cases


The society will always view doctors with utmost respect in the society with all the “miracles” they perform on a daily basis to save countless human lives. Many medical malpractice lawyers Toronto have seen very horrific medical malpractice cases that would scare any experienced medical malpractice lawyer. But what you fail to realize is that these doctors are still humans too, and can always make mistakes every once in a while. Below are some of the most gruesome medical malpractices of all time.

  1. Rhode Island Hospital

This hospital is now more famous for one of the most traumatic medical experiences that it is for its prestige and reputation in the United States. Rhode Island Hospital made the mistake of operating on the wrong side of the brain of not one, but three different patients. And all this happened in one year.

All the three cases involved three different doctors at the same hospital. One of the victims in these cases succumbed and died weeks after the operation while the other two were quickly discovered halfway into the operations and stopped.

  1. Alexander Baez

Baez was a former bodybuilder who won the Mr. Mexico competition and a runner-up for the Mr. Universe. He wanted to get pec implants to improve his physique. In 1999, he went to the operating room and when he woke up, was shocked to find breast implants instead.

  1. Carol Weihrer

Carol wanted to have her right eye removed. She had endured so much pain from it. The surgery took about five and a half hours. What is shocking is that she was awake for at least two of those hours. Apparently, the anesthesia didn’t fully work on her, and she woke up halfway into the operation.

  1. Flammable patients

In 2009, Janice McCall, who was 65 then, died just six days later after surgery. What shocked most people is that she caught fire during the operation. The cause of the fire was not released to the public. In 2012, Enrique Ruiz also caught fire during surgery when the electronic scalpel being used in operation caused the oxygen supply to explode.

  1. Daryoush Mazarei

After his operation, Mazarei found out later that a 10-inch retractor had been left in his chest. This left him in agonizing pain and took the hospital over a month to realize what they had done and removed the foreign material.

  1. Jesica Santillan

Jesica Santillan, 17, needed to have a lung and heart transplant done on her. And as soon as the organs were found, the operation commenced. Only that the organs were of a donor who was blood type A while Jesica was blood type O. The doctors realized this and tried to correct their mistake, but it was too late, she passed away.

  1. The wrong organ removed

Graham Reeves, 70, of whales died after the surgeons his wrong kidney removed. You will also find Benjamin Houghton, who was operated on but had the wrong testicle removed. Willie King also had the wrong leg amputated when he went to surgery.

  1. Kim Tutt

Kim Tutt is a special case; she had undergone multiple surgeries after an x-ray scan showed that she had cancer cells and only had three months to live unless she went through surgery to add an extra three months. After the surgery, she went back to the hospital only to find out that she never had cancer at all after all the pain and suffering she went through.

  1. Paul Lozano

His mother had sexually abused him, and when the state discovered this, he was taken to a medical facility to get treatment from all the abuses he went through. What’s wrong here is that the doctor, he was assigned to ended up abusing him the same way his mother did. Lozano committed suicide.

  1. Brian Mejia

Brian was born with one leg and no arms. His parents accused the medical staff of failing to notice this during the ultrasound sessions. The parents said that they would have aborted the pregnancy had they known about Brian’s situation earlier. The parents sued the hospital and were compensated $4.5 million.