How to Organize a Messy Office Quickly


We may find ourselves working in an office of some kind throughout our professional careers. These locations are as traditional as they can be mundane. If your days become busy and you leave your belongings all over the place, clutter will occur. Worst yet, you may realize that your specific office space has become unrecognizable.

Thankfully, you do not have to worry about things staying that way. Organize your workspace. It will require some tidying up and time and patience. Once you begin to clean around the edges, you will realize that things look much better. With your diligence and the assistance of office cleaning services, your workspace will go from cluttered to tidy again.

Keep in mind these eight tips on how to organize a messy office quickly:

Tip #1: Survey the office

It is much more than simply getting to work once you decide to organize your office space. First and foremost, it is generally recommended to stand back and survey the entire room. Make sure you take notes on the messiest areas of the home and what isn’t. This will help you determine what needs to be done first.

For example, your desk may be the foundation of clutter being all over the place, to your eye’s detriment. You will have to ensure your focus is put here first compared to other adjacent areas. The eye test never goes wrong, especially when kicking off the initial process of organization!

Tip #2: Use office cleaning supplies

To successfully do your job as expected, you will need to use a few cleaning supplies and materials. One of the most important ones to get your hands on is that of a trash bag. When you begin to organize your messy office space, you will eventually find stuff that has no use anymore.

Throw these away instead of hoarding them in your office. Then, once things look much cleaner on your end, get a sanitizer product and clean it around the edges. Sanitizing your office space goes a long way in ensuring clutter doesn’t turn into something much more filthy.

Tip #3: Sort the office

One of the most important aspects of any organizational system is sorting. Sorting allows you to look at what is needed on your end and what is not. Generally speaking, you will have to sort out important documents into specific piles related to the office. Having a filing cabinet is a great way to keep this system efficient.

Or, you may try to sort your documents and belongings into different areas of the office itself. Whatever route you decide to go, it is important to designate these sorting sections so that you do not become unorganized. Eventually, this will go a long way in ensuring you remain structured.

Tip #4: Organize the office desk

The desk is a part of your office space guaranteed to become messy. If you are trying to make the eyes much easier, start with the basics. Clear the primary surface of any clutter, and throw away the stuff you do not need in the trash.

Then, apply the same organizational structure to your desk that you used for sorting. This will ensure that your desk always remains a clean and tidy space to work in. Studies have shown that having a neat and orderly desk improves productivity through and through. Thus, you will enjoy the work you are doing even more!

Tip #5: Establish a cleaning calendar

Having a calendar goes a long way in ensuring that you remain mentally organized. Sometimes, physical clutter is not the only type of distraction you may have to tidy up. Ensure your calendar is directly in your view while working and not impeded by surrounding objects.

Tip #6: Use an office storage system

The filing above cabinet is a great way to keep an orderly system within your office space. However, you can do no wrong by using an additional system to house secondary documents or belongings. A miniature storage system could be worthwhile to have in this regard.

Tip #7: Turn on the office lighting

Lighting is another trick to implement into your office space to ensure it remains a clean, neat space. Accent lighting installed in key areas will make the office look tidy, even if it is not. Use other apparatuses, if possible, to properly illuminate the workspace.

Tip #8: Label your office documents

Sometimes, even the best of us will encounter days when we still don’t know where things are. That is why, to keep your office organized, you should employ the use of labels in your workspace. Labels are a simple yet effective way to designate where things are in your office. That way, you never have to be left unorganized in clutter again!


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