How to Make an Old Car Look New and Renovated


Sometimes in life, you could do with a bit of a makeover. This doesn’t just have to be focused on oneself but, rather, it can apply to various other areas. For example, renovating a part of your home is one way to breathe some new life into it. Your car could also be retrofitted to account for the modern age.

Old cars can be experimented with, depending on how adventurous you would like to get. You can either focus your efforts on one part of the vehicle or renovate multiple parts. Whatever your goal is, you should anticipate putting a solid amount of time into conducting this activity.

Want to learn how to make an old car look new again? Use these tips to find inspiration when making your car look brand new.

1. Car Deep Cleaning

Over some time, your car will inevitably become a bit dirty from constant use. It is more than just washing away external grime and dirt too. Take a look at the interiors of your vehicle to see what needs to be organized and sanitized. Start by focusing on the outside, by going for a car wash.

These car washes can be as thorough as you would like them to. You can also use several cleaning techniques for the interiors to tidy up the mats, floors, seats, and ceiling. After conducting a deep cleaning, you will be surprised to find how new the car looks!

2. Fix Car Scratches

While a solid car wash can do more for you than anticipated, it will not be a one-and-done solution. Your car, throughout its lifespan, will acquire several dents and scratches from external factors. These can be pretty minor in their appearance or extensive in affecting the overall look.

Thankfully, you have multiple tools available to take care of those pesky scratches without delay. Visit your local automotive shop, and grab a scratch remover product. It will take a few steps, but, in the end, your car will be free of any dents. Should the scratches be more thorough, you may have to look at other options.

3. Automotive LED Lights

The lights on your car will be one of the strongest components, outlasting others in terms of lifespan. However, you will find that the ordinary lights installed can be monotonous in appearance. Why not switch to automotive LED lights of various kinds?

These lights can be retrofitted accordingly into your vehicle in various ways. For example, you can install them in your vehicle’s interior to make it look cooler. Or, as long as the laws in your area permit, you may choose to install LED lights at the car’s bottom. It is a great way to put some new life into the car!

4. Clean Car Junk

The trick about keeping your car as new as possible has to do with upkeep. As mentioned previously, you will inevitably find that the vehicle accumulates loads of junk. Try not to let this occur, as it will affect how it looks while on the road. A great way to stay in line with this tip is to simply watch what you are doing in and out of the car.

Always be sure to throw away trash once you are leaving the car. Moreover, you can also discard old cables or fixtures in the glove department that don’t have any use anymore. If you are not using it, it is safe to assume that you never will!

5. No Eating in the Car

The same rule applies to what you eat or drink while inside the vehicle. We may often forget to throw away that coffee cup once done with it. Once you get out of the vehicle, don’t forget to take your trash with you.

6. Car air Filters

Air filters inside your vehicle are one of the most important parts to keep in mind daily. Remove the old ones, and put in new filters every so often to maintain the car’s ventilation.

7. Windshield Wipers

Your windshield wipers can also contribute to your car looking much older than it is on the road! Replace your old ones immediately, as they can detract from the external appearance when reviewing their condition.

8. Consistency

Maintenance of your car’s external and interior areas is a matter of consistency. Take the time out of your schedule to clean your car up in all aspects, at least once a week. That way, your car will remain brand new in the years!


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