How to Improve Communication Between Managers and Employees


Do you feel that communication between your managers and employees is at best? If so, this situation might be negatively affecting the motivation and productivity of everyone on your team.

Clear and effective communication is essential to the success of any business. The good news is that communication can be learned, encouraged, and improved, which means you shouldn’t despair if things are not ideal.

Learn how to improve communication between managers and employees, and watch as your business becomes healthier and more successful. Here is how to improve communication between managers and employees:

Make sure everyone feels respected and valued

Some employees might be hesitant to ask questions because they fear that others will make fun of them if they do. Some might be convinced they will be ignored if they share an idea.

If you want to open clear lines of communication between managers and employees, you first have to make sure everyone feels respected and valued and knows they are part of the same team.

Your managers should lead by example by being honest, being ready to communicate positively, and showing respect through their words, attitudes, and actions.

Let managers and employees get to know each other

Communication between managers and employees should improve automatically if they don’t see each other as strangers working in the same office space. Encourage them to get to know each other by sharing casual conversations about topics unrelated to their job.

This doesn’t mean everyone in your team has to become best friends. But if employees see managers as unapproachable and scary, and managers think of employees as only numbers, you can’t expect them to be able to communicate effectively.

If they get to know each other, they will be more likely to trust and respect each other.

Use some tools that help improve communication

There is more than one way for managers to communicate with their employees. Apart from meetings and one-on-one chats, they can send emails, SMS alerts, or even video alerts.

Using a tool such as an employee communication software can simplify everything. It allows you to keep everyone in your team connected and to send the right message to the right people at the right moment.

Team communication software also allows everyone to work together more efficiently by sharing files and ideas and staying in touch throughout the day.

Schedule regular team meetings

Regular team meetings can help improve communication between managers and employees, especially if these meetings are informal and pleasant to attend for everyone.

During each meeting, everyone should be allowed to speak freely, ask questions, talk about any challenge they are facing, and give updates about the projects they are working on.

This will help remind managers and employees that they are supposed to work together as part of a team and that helping others will make everyone more successful.

It’s up to you to decide whether you should schedule weekly or monthly meetings, depending on your team’s needs.

Connect with one on one chats

Even when team meetings are a safe space for everyone to speak freely, some employees might prefer a one-on-one meeting with their manager.

Therefore, managers should regularly hold one on one meetings with employees. It could be a quick, casual chat or a more formal meeting where both parties can talk about their work, figure out solutions to their problems, or simply talk about anything that appears important to them.

One-on-one chats are a good way to improve communication for everyone, especially those who don’t feel too comfortable speaking in front of a group.

Make sure employees are informed and updated

Managers need to stay in touch with employees, especially when there is something important they need to be updated about.

Think about incredible progress, important decisions, or even bad news. No one likes being kept in the dark. Keeping employees informed about whatever is going on with the business is a good way to build their trust in their managers.

Remember that hiding secrets from your employees are always a bad idea.

Remember to give feedback and to ask for it

Finally, be sure your managers give feedback to employees and that they ask for their feedback as well.

Everyone deserves to be celebrated whenever they are doing great work. And when they are doing something that doesn’t meet the team’s expectations, they need to be aware of it to work on improving the situation.

Honest feedback helps improve communication and can help make your entire team more motivated to succeed.


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