How to Have the Best Orgasm


Think of the best orgasm you’ve ever had. Now imagine if you could have that mind-blowing orgasm whenever you have sex or pull out your sex toy. Is it that easy – not quite? Don’t worry, though. Hope is not lost! How to have the best orgasm depends on several factors, adjusted to your taste and preference. Be it in partnered play or self-pleasure, here’s what to do to get those orgasms as big, as loud, and as powerful as you know possible.

1. Masturbate, Experiment, and Explore

Don’t be afraid of your body. Touch yourself in different places. Carefully use different strokes, pressure, and touches. Find your erogenous zones and explore them manually or with a sex toy. This exploration will connect you to your body, and knowing what you like will provide lots of groundwork toward getting you to the point pinnacle of orgasm.

2. Engage In Foreplay And Anticipation

To get the most from an orgasm, rushing and getting it done doesn’t work. There must be a certain amount of foreplay to take someone from a non-aroused state to semi-aroused, fully-aroused, and then to climax. Man, woman, or otherwise, it doesn’t matter. Set aside the time to sustain extended arousal and get the big finish you want.

3. Cuddle With A Partner And Relax

Tension, anxiety, and stress can kill an orgasm or make it so that you don’t even reach it. The easiest way to de-stress is to cuddle with your partner before sex. Not only does cuddling help with this, but it builds anticipation and boosts oxytocin, aka the ‘love hormone.’ Multiple studies support that high oxytocin means bigger, better orgasms for all involved.

4. Don’t Hesitate to Grab a Sex Toy

For many, the best orgasms come from solo play with adult sex toys or involve a sex toy during partnered sex. They’re fun, and they help things along in a big way.

There are many types of sex toys designed for all sorts of sensations and purposes. Everyone should explore this source of pleasure if they’re serious about having a reliably intense orgasm.

5. Be Present Without Distraction

Here’s the tricky part for some people. If you’ve got a lot on your mind, if there are distractions around you, or if you can’t get absorbed into the sexual experience for whatever reason, your orgasms will not have the same punch.

This is why you want to make sure you’re having sex at a good time of day for you and where you’re most likely to be present without distraction.

6. Too Much Sex Can Be a Bad Thing

Too much sex or too much orgasm can make it difficult to appreciate an orgasm. If you’re having sex or masturbating every day, or multiple times a day, cool it! Your body needs time to recuperate and grow sensitive again. That sensitivity is important to achieving a powerful orgasm and only comes from the delays between sexual touching.

7. If You Have a Clitoris, Make That The Party

As wonderful as penetrative sex is, if you have a clitoris, chances are the best way to get an orgasm is by using it. Clitoral stimulation by hand or sex toy is key.

Experiment. Try different stimulations to find what you like. Discover what feels best. It’s, of course, still possible to do penetration at the same time as putting attention on the clitoris. So have fun!

8. Have A Full-Body Experience

An orgasm doesn’t just happen in a spot on the body. You feel it everywhere. Activate those nerve fibres all over with sensual touching all over.

Don’t just go straight for the genitals, alone or with someone. This sort of goes into foreplay. From your neck to your nipples, to your hips, down to your legs and ankles, you want to slowly awaken everything long before eclipsing that orgasm.

9. Be Selfish and Communicate

If you’re with a partner and you want that explosive, pleasurable orgasm you deserve, be a little selfish and communicate what pleases you.

If that means taking more time doing a specific foreplay act, being in a certain position, or using your favourite sex toy, you’ve got to go for it and ensure you’re getting what you need out of a partnered sexual experience.

10. Use a Vibrator

We mentioned sex toys earlier, but this gets a special point: use a vibrator. Whoever you are, a vibrator can target the clitoris, G-spot, and anal, work the shaft of a penis, and create all sorts of beautiful sensations.

A vibrator’s whole job is to make you orgasm. Adjust the frequency and sensations to how you like and go from there. Men, women and everyone should consider a vibrator in some format for their sex play. They’re sure to get you that orgasm you’ve been craving.


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