How to Get Noticed on YouTube Easily


If you post videos on YouTube, you probably know that you could potentially reach a massive audience with the right promotional strategies. After all, YouTube is second only to Google regarding unique site visits, and people spend more time than ever consuming video.

Read on to discover the best ways to maximize your viewership and grow your YouTube channel.

1. An Engaging Title

Since the video’s title will pop up in the search results of your potential viewers, it makes sense that you should craft your titles carefully. Make sure you go for something that will grab people’s attention. You also want to make the content of the video clear, so it’s helpful to include a keyword in the title.

Be wary of clickbait-type titles, or you may end up with disappointed viewers who won’t return looking for more of your content.

2. SEO Optimization

Like any other internet content, SEO optimization is crucial for your videos to get views and ranking. We’ve already mentioned that you should use your main keyword in your title, but that isn’t enough. You also need to write your video descriptions so that they also include a lot of keywords. There are online tools available that can help you find ideas for keywords.

3. Design a Great Thumbnail

The visual image of your video is just as important as the title. The thumbnail you choose gives your potential viewers a sneak peek at what your video is all about and can be the deciding factor for whether to watch your video or scroll past it. Some people use a screenshot from their videos, but you can create a custom thumbnail to attract more attention to your content. In fact, according to YouTube stats, the vast majority of the videos performing the best on the platform have custom-designed thumbnails.

How do you capture the idea of your video in a small design? The basics of a successful custom thumbnail are to keep it simple and uncluttered. Pick contrasting colours and add any text in a clear and readable font. Remember that most of your views will likely come from mobile devices, so designing your thumbnail for small screens is paramount. You can also use a YouTube thumbnail maker to assist with the design.

4. Engage with Your Audience

Another way that video rankings are determined is by engagement. This can be a long game, but you can increase engagement by connecting with your audience. Ask them questions that will encourage them to leave comments on your video. Interact even more with your viewers by responding to as many comments as possible. This may seem like a lot of work, but it will likely pay off; engaging with your fanbase can potentially attract an even bigger audience.

5. Be Consistent

Having a regular schedule for posting your videos can be an effective way to encourage repeat viewers. When you let them know when to expect your content, whether daily, weekly, or whatever other interval that works for you, you are more likely to attract subscribers and not lose your audience’s attention. It gives your fans something to look forward to. Be consistent with the content of your videos as well.

Choosing your format and sticking with it is essential to growing your channel. Your viewers are more likely to return for more when you present your content in a familiar, specific manner each time.

6. Create Your Brand

No matter what social media platform you choose, creators with a clear theme or niche tend to be among the most successful. YouTube is no different. You want to make yourself into a recognizable brand. How you present yourself and your channel in everything from the logo you choose to the colour scheme in your thumbnails can go a long way in helping viewers recognize your content.

When creating your brand on YouTube, consider who you are and what makes you unique from the other content creators. Your brand identity isn’t just your logo; it is much more. It’s your purpose for creating and the message you want to send to your viewership.

7. Cross-Promotion

When you upload videos to YouTube, post on your other social media platforms and provide a link so people can click through and watch. Another way to cross-promote yourself is to mention old videos in a new video if the topics overlap and seem relevant to one another. You could attract more traffic to these older videos.

There are millions of YouTube channels online. You must work to be among the fraction of creators that rise to the top. But with the potential for success on the platform, investing the time and effort is well worth it.