Have These 4 Questions Answered Before Undergoing a Dental Implant


There are many benefits you can reap after having dental implants. For one, it can significantly improve your smile. Then your self-confidence and quality of life will also be affected as well. You will also find that the people with bright white smiles also tend to be more successful, especially when it comes to careers and relationships. Even so, here are some questions which can ultimately help you decide whether dental implants Toronto are right for you or if the dentist who will be handling your case has the right qualifications to even handle the performing the procedure.

1. How much implant experience does your surgeon have?

You need to ensure that you only work with a dentist who has specific experience in performing your dental implant surgery. The best way you can ensure you get the best work done during surgery is by ensuring you make the best decision based on your dentist’s competency and ability to try and answer all of your questions based on experience. It is vital that you know your dentist’s experience, especially when it comes to dental implants.

2. Are you a good candidate for an implant?

You may think that dental implants are the only way to go about fixing your missing teeth issues, and in most cases, you might be right. But then again, this is usually not the only qualification when it comes to undergoing this procedure. They are not right for everyone which is one reason why you need to be upright and completely honest with the dentist handling your case. Ensure you explain everything you feel and any other odd experiences you have encountered since your tooth or teeth went missing. This might be the only way your dentist can know whether dental implants are fit for you or not.

3. What is the exact healing time for dental implants?

It will definitely take some time before your wounds heal. The time usually varies from one patient to another. It also depends on how healthy you are and also how quickly you can recover from surgery. You will also find that the younger patients or people who are always on a regular good diet tend to recover much quicker compared to the older patients or the people who don’t watch their diets as much.

4. Are there any potential complications after undergoing dental implant therapy?

In as much as dental implants come with many benefits, there are some situations where complications can pop up which you need to know about before heading to the surgeon’s room. One such complication is an infection that can start on the implant site. This is usually one of the most common complications which most patients face and don’t know where and how it came to happen. You need to try and at least try to talk to your dentist before the whole procedure about any such complications and how you can prevent them from occurring after the procedure. Swelling of the site and even bleeding are other rare side effects which, if left unchecked, can add to your list of problems.