Four Reasons to Find a Medical Expert Witness


A medical malpractice case may seem like a cut and dry case on the surface. After all, procedures, tests, medications and more are clearly charted in medical records, and these documents can be submitted to the court as evidence. You also may have a strong conviction that you have been wronged in a significant way. However, in many of these cases, a medical malpractice experts witness can be strategically beneficial and could even sway the outcome of the case. These are four reasons why you may need to hire a medical expert witness to assist with your case.

1. To Support Your Claims

Some medical malpractice cases have undeniable facts with irrefutable evidence. These are obvious cases that can be backed up purely by your medical records. However, other cases may cover topics that the judge and jury are not familiar with. The judge and jury must rely on a medical expert witness to tell them what common practices are or what a medical professional should have done.

2. To Verify Your Cost or Expense Estimates

Another reason to hire a medical malpractice experts witness is to confirm that the amount of money that you are asking for through the lawsuit is reasonable. Expenses that have been incurred up to this point can be documented with invoices. However, if you are asking for money for future expenses, an expert can tell you how long care may be needed and what the cost of that care may be.

3. To Build a Stronger Case

When you file a medical malpractice case, you understandably want to build the strongest case possible. After all, you get once chance to make a case to the judge and jury, and you do not want to present a weak argument. Hiring an expert witness may help you to seal the deal. The witness may attest to your claims or even provide additional supporting documentation, such as studies or research reports.

4. To Alleviate Doubts

To win your case and to obtain the highest amount of compensation possible, you need to ensure that you do not have any holes in your arguments or facts. When your case seems somewhat fragile, the testimony of an expert witness can firm up your statements and alleviate doubts. This potentially could result in a ruling in your favor or in more compensation than you otherwise may have been awarded.

Remember that your medical malpractice attorney may have excellent contacts in the local community, and he or she may be able to easily locate a witness that has experience or an educational background that works in your favor. Discuss the possibility of hiring an expert witness to determine if this may help your case.