Being a Trained Eyebrow Extension Technician Involves More Than You Think


If you’re into the latest beauty trends, you’ve probably heard of eyelash and hair extensions. However, there’s another extension that’s taking the beauty world by storm: eyebrow extensions. Of course, don’t think that you’re going to run out and become an eyebrow extension technician over night. Eyebrow extension training requires a lot of time and practice before you can work in the field. Below is a few things that eyebrows extension technicians have to learn before they can go to work.

Eyebrow Cleanup

A trained eyebrow extension professional doesn’t just add on extensions. The first part of their training course is all about eyebrow cleanup. Before extensions are put in, eyebrows are threaded to clean up the area. Once the eyebrows are cleaned and shaped, it’s on to the next step.

Getting Rid of Oil and Bacteria

Cleaning up the eyebrow is important, but making sure that it’s bacteria-free is even more important. After loose hairs are removed, a technician is in charge of using alcohol pads to remove excess oil and bacteria from the area. Failure to do this can prevent the adhesive from sticking correctly or could even lead to infection.

Adhesive Ready: Attaching the Extensions

Once the area is cleaned, the real challenge for the technician comes. They have to use adhesive to attach synthetic hairs to the eyebrows. The person getting the extensions will need to choose which colors they want as well as the length. The most common colors to get are black and brown. The length of the synthetic eyebrow hair varies between 5 and 8 millimeters.

The process of attaching the extensions takes a long time. In some cases, it can take upwards of an hour to attach each individual extension. It depends on if the customer is just getting their eyebrows filled in or is having a new eyebrow created completely. With the right technician, this process is pretty painless.

Knowing When Extensions Are the Right Choice

Eyebrow technicians known what extensions can and can’t do. This means that they will know when extensions will help or make the eyebrow look unnatural. For example, extensions are perfect for people who have full eyebrows but need to fill in gaps. Extensions may make eyebrows look unnatural if the person getting the extensions has little eyebrow hair.

Eyebrow extension training is important thanks to growing demand for this beauty process. While any beauty technician might be able to tell you about eyebrows extensions, you have to take a training course to be a full-fledged eyebrow technician. This includes giving tips to customers who just had eyebrows extensions put in. For example, people who receive eyebrow extensions should avoid putting oil-based products on their eyebrows for at least one full day. Also, technicians should tell customers that the extensions last about 14 days with proper upkeep. Learn more by visiting Sugarlash.