8 Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas for a Single Woman


Small bedrooms feel cozy and intimate. Of course, if you have a small bedroom and a passion for shopping and following the latest fashion trends, you might run out of place to store your belongings. Investing in clever storage solutions to keep your room in order makes sense.

But today, let’s forget about storage solutions and focus on decor. It’s your room, and you want it to look amazing! There are many small bedroom decorating ideas for a single woman. They will help you express your personality and preferences while decorating your private sanctuary.

Here are eight small bedroom decorating ideas for a single woman:

Idea #1: Decorate the bedroom with your favourite colours

Many women love pink and gentle pastel shades. Other women prefer shades of blue, green, yellow, chocolate brown, or black. Choose a few of your favourite colours to create your bedroom’s colour scheme.

You could, for example, choose two main colours and one accent colour which will appear on a few decorative items.

And don’t worry if your favourite colours are not typically associated with femininity. Any colour scheme can become an ode to femininity with the right choice of patterns, textures, and accessories.

Idea #2: Decorate the bedroom with different textures and materials

Decorating a small bedroom is not just about choosing a few colours that complement each other. You can also define the character of your room with different textures and materials.

Think about a faux fur cushion or rug to add warmth and softness. Wood and macramé for a touch of nature and gentle simplicity. Metallic accents for a modern or glamourous feel.

When looking for new accessories to decorate your room, pay attention to their textures and materials and how they make you feel.

Idea #3: Decorate with bedroom accessories

Just be careful not to mix too many textures and materials, as it could become overwhelming in a small bedroom.

Choosing one piece to make a statement is always a good decorating idea. Pick an accessory you like, an ornate mirror, a lamp, or a green plant in a colourful planter. Your statement piece could even be a chair or, why not, your TV.

Next, select accessories that will complement your chosen item as a focal point and help draw attention to it.

Idea #4: Decorate the small bedroom with large patterns

A minimalist decor could be one of the best small bedroom decorating ideas for a single woman. However, this theme is not for everyone!

If you don’t agree with the saying “less is more” and prefer saying “more is great,” go for maximalism. Express your personality with large patterns on your walls, bedspread, curtains, rug, and ceiling if you want to.

Remember that you can combine different patterns as long as they have at least a few things in common. This will help keep your decor coherent and pleasant to the eyes.

Idea #5: Decorate the bedroom with a sleeper sofa

If your bedroom is very small and has to be your home office and a comfortable lounging area where you can read or watch TV, getting a huge bed that takes up half your floor space is not a good idea.

Instead, you could consider sleeper sofas for small spaces. It will be a stylish and convenient sofa during the day and will turn into a comfy bed at night.

Idea #6: Decorate the bedroom with a canopy bed

Can your bed be the focal point of your small bedroom decor? Of course, it can.

If you dreamt of being a princess back when you were a little girl, you could now make that dream come true and get your beauty sleep in a wonderful canopy bed. Decorate it with panels of light fabric, fairy lights, or artificial vines and flower garlands.

A majestic canopy bed will work best if you don’t have too many other pieces of furniture, as you don’t want your room to get crowded.

Idea #7: Decorate the bedroom with mismatched furniture

There is something unique and charming about rooms decorated with mismatched furniture. If this speaks to you, don’t be afraid of decorating your small bedroom with mismatched pieces.

You can go thrift shopping to find some real treasures or simply select individual pieces from any furniture store.

Idea #8: Decorate the room with a gallery wall

Finally, you could decorate a wall with a fun gallery wall instead of wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint.

Select some artwork, photos, and printed patterns you love. You can also print out some funny, sassy or inspirational quotes. Frame everything in nice picture frames, and arrange them together on one wall of your bedroom, above your bed, for example.

This is a simple decorating project that will allow you to express your personality as well as your creativity. And if ever you get tired of a part of your gallery wall, simply replace some of your framed pictures with new ones for a fresh look.


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