8 Best Camping Storage Ideas for Campers


A camping adventure can be lots of fun. You and your family or friends can enjoy the outdoors and get away from the daily hassle. You get to set up your tent or park your RV, sleep under the stars and eat toasted marshmallows. Many people choose a camping adventure to get away from the city. Plus, they enjoy outdoor activities like biking and hiking. You get to enjoy the fresh air, sleep in silence, watch the sunrise and enjoy nature. There are so many benefits that you would not expect with camping, such as relaxing and enjoying stress-free days.

Many campsites offer sandy beaches, park-like grounds and a trampoline. And if you are not comfortable with outdoor bathing, you can take advantage of the restrooms, hot showers and amenities at a nearby camping resort. In addition, the campsites offer campfire pit, picnic tables and 30-amp electric service.

One important aspect of camping is storage. You need to be organized and have the proper gear for camping. Packing can be challenging and you would want to use the right containers or boxes suited for storage. This is because when you are busy trekking, exploring or hiking, you want to ensure all your gear is stored well. For instance, cardboard boxes can easily get wet and fall apart, so they will not be suited for your camping trip.

Here are eight workable camping storage ideas that will keep you organized and help save space before, during and after your camping adventure:

Idea #1: Plastic containers

Don’t invest in just cheap plastic storage bins; try to find durable ones. Good quality storage bins can hold up for many years and will be used each time you plan on going camping so the price should not determine the type. The bins can help in storing lanterns, camping pans and dishes, sleeping bags, First Aid kit, air mattresses, tents and more.

Idea #2: Airtight food containers

Food is a necessity if you plan on camping as there may not be shops or groceries nearby. You will want camping storage to pack food that can last for days. The best way to ensure it is fresh is to use an airtight food container. The airtight seals keep the food fresh and free from water. These containers are made of stainless steel or BPA-free plastic.

Idea #3: Compact cooking sets

You will find a range of cooking and cutlery that are compact and in containers. These are useful camping storage ideas because they save a lot of space, are unbreakable and can be transported easily. They usually come with foldaway handles or as collapsible containers.

Idea #4: Compression sacks

These sacks are handy camping storage ideas for your bedding, clothing and other soft items. With its compression capabilities, these sacks can reduce the bulk by more than 50%. There is no need to vacuum these bags. All you have to do is simply fill your bags, tighten the seal and then squeeze out the excess air.

Idea #5: Hanging shoe racks

Who would think that hanging shoe racks can be used as a camping storage idea? You get these shoe racks from various furniture stores such as IKEA. They are perfect for your camping trip as you can organize kitchen supplies, toiletries and hand towels. You can hang it to a tree or attach it to your four-wheel drive.

Idea #6: Collapsible storage bins

The collapsible storage bins save a lot of space when transported and used at the campsite. These storage bins are designed for exceptional durability and ergonomics that make them easy to carry. You can also use them to transport your camp gear to and from the campsite. After use, they are easy to store away in your basement until your next camping adventure.

Idea #7: Reusable Moving Totes

These extra storage bags are perfect for storing and transporting all sorts of items like clothing, toys, shoes, supplies, blankets, sheets and pillows. After camping, you can easily store these bags away without occupying too much space. They can be easily folded and made completely flat for easy storage in your drawer, closet or car. These bags are made with tear resistance coated polypropylene, making them sturdy. You can store them and reuse them for your many camping adventures.

Idea #8: Bear canisters

At many campsites are habituated by bears that can sniff out your food. To prevent this and to always be safe, you will want to carry bear canisters. These are bear-proof food storage containers that will help to protect your food from a bear. The containers are thick and usually made of plastic built with a physical barrier to protect your food and scented items from bears or any other wildlife. Bear canisters are placed at least 200ft from your tent location. Bear canisters range in volume and weight. Today there are federal laws that require proper food storage and recommend the use of a bear canister.


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