7 Tips to Reduce Tension Between Your Shoulder Blades


As we grow older, many things begin to change in our lives. We make new friends for life, or we may even switch professions in order to take on a new challenge. However, not all of these specific things may be for the better. This sentiment is especially true in regards to our physical health.

No matter if you are a healthy adult or not, you may begin to feel tightness in your shoulders. More specifically, the tension in between your shoulder blades may be the cause for some stunning discomfort. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be permanent.

Follow these tips to reduce tension between your shoulder blades:

1. Identify source of shoulder tension

To reduce the tension between your shoulder blades, it’s important to know the source fist. All of the discomfort in our body can be pinpointed to some external source. As a result, it might be in your benefit to figure out what is causing the pain in the first place. Did you injure your shoulders by pulling on something too hard? Quick and rapid motions like this can hurt the joints inside.

Or, you may be experiencing a lot of stress. Believe it or not, amplified stress can be the source of physical pain, especially in your upper body. When you are trying to diagnose the problem, it is important to think of what afflicted you. Then, you can promptly act on the issue in an effective way.

2. Do shoulder massage therapy

The moment you begin to feel tension within your shoulders, you should seek a professional opinion. In most cases, you are bound to have massage therapy recommended. An expert massage therapist will not only be able to diagnose the issue, but work with you on a daily basis.

Registered massage therapists will work on your shoulders, in order to reach the area that is the source of tension. Then, they will work on other areas surrounding your shoulders. All of your body parts are physically interconnected, in one way or another. By healing all adjacent areas, they will be able to holistically fix the tension felt in your shoulder blades.

3. Do yoga

With the rise in physical fitness becoming more mainstream, comes the capacity for anyone to heal themselves. One of the best ways to do this? Try out some yoga. Yoga is one of the most complete ways to flush out any knots within your muscles.

You don’t have to be an expert in controlling the movements either. For example, by focusing on your spine, you will be able to keep all lower and upper parts of your body healthy. This is particularly true when it comes to healing your shoulders. Grab a mat, and get started!

4. Use shoulder massage devices

For a more do-it-yourself option, why not consider getting a massage machine? Many companies have developed shiatsu-based massage machines, which targets your upper body. Brace your body against the machine, and the deep kneading balls will work like magic. These balls are designed to relieve you of any tension inside your joints.

If the pain you are experiencing is in your shoulder blades, you’ll have to maneuver the device accordingly. Once you have located a comfortable position, the machine can penetrate the tension in your shoulder blades. Just be sure to stretch your shoulders after, for recovery purposes.

5. Do shoulder stretches

Speaking of stretches, you have an arsenal of exercises available. For your shoulders, and shoulder blades specifically, this is especially true. Although there is an abundance of information available, you should start small and work your way up. Take a look at personal trainers on YouTube channels, for instance.

Once you have nailed the basics, you can begin implementing more intermediate variations. The important thing to remember is that you should never feel discomfort in your shoulders. Stretches are supposed to relieve you of tension, not amplify it!

6. Use ice & heat compress on shoulders

After you have done your due diligence on shoulder blade pain, the recovery process is still critical. When your exercises have been completed, you should always finish up with a compress that targets your shoulders. Use an ice or heat compress, and follow the product manufacturer’s instructions.

7. Consistent massage therapy

Our bodies will always be subject to factors that spur increased pain or injury. As a result, you should always take care to exercise regularly. You don’t have to overexert yourself either; work out in a smart manner, and not just for the sake of it!

Although it can be a real nuisance, your body has to be taken care of. Prolonging any sort of pain in your shoulder blades will only make matters worse. Since you have a myriad of options available, try to fit in at least half an hour of exercise each day. That way, your shoulders will be able to return to a healthy state in a matter of weeks!


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