7 Popular Summer Sports for 10 Year Olds (and Older!)


Physical activity is crucial for kids of all ages, 10-year-olds included. A great way to get your child active this summer is to enroll them in a summer sport. Not only will this help keep them busy all summer, but it will keep them healthy too.

Just as your child continues to develop as they age, so do their physical abilities and interests. At ten years old, your child might already have an idea of some of the summer sports they would like to take part in or show a general interest in a variety of different sports. With your guidance, you can help your child choose a summer sports camp that is suitable for their physical abilities and age.

We’ll walk you through seven popular summer sports for 10 year olds to help guide your decision making:

1. Soccer

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world for a reason. Not only is it fun to play, but it provides tons of benefits as well. Soccer teaches coordination, promotes teamwork, persistence, and coordination.

This summer sport is great for 10 year olds because it possesses many health benefits. Some of the health benefits of soccer include building strength, endurance, and flexibility, lowering body fat and improving muscle tone, and increasing muscle and bone strength.

Children don’t need much equipment to play soccer, which makes it a budget-friendly option for your child.

2. Volleyball

Another great summer sport for 10 year olds is volleyball. Nothing quite says summer like volleyball. When played on the beach, this sport allows children to enjoy the outdoors while staying active. If your area doesn’t offer beach volleyball, there’s always an opportunity to play indoor volleyball.

This is one of the best sports for girls and boys to build cooperative skills. After all, playing volleyball is a team effort. Children will learn how to work with their peers, a skill that translates well into their school life.

Volleyball is also budget-friendly as it typically doesn’t cost too much. You also won’t need to purchase much equipment as all that’s required to play volleyball is a good pair of running shoes.

3. Baseball

Playing baseball is a great summer sport for your child to enjoy the outdoor sunshine, while staying active and participating in a team sport. Among many other benefits, baseball improves hand-eye coordination and builds strong arms and legs thanks to all of the motions that are involved in playing baseball.

While baseball is a more stationary sport compared to other sports like soccer, it requires more mental concentration and focus.

4. Football

If your child shows an interest in team sports, football may be the perfect summer sport for them. Another extremely popular sport, football teaches dedication, teamwork, and discipline. These are all skills that translate well into your child’s everyday life.

Playing football is an opportunity for your child to make new friends. If some of their current friends are on their team, it’s a great opportunity to bond with them, strengthening their relationships.

Your child will have so much fun playing football that they probably won’t even notice that they’re getting a great workout!

5. Archery

A summer sport you may not immediately think about is archery. This sport is typically aimed at 10-year-olds and is a great activity for children who enjoy taking part in independent activities.

While playing this sport, children will learn a variety of skills, including persistence, patience, and concentration.

There are a few ways in which children will play the sport. These include aiming at a stationary bullseye from a distance, aiming at moving shapes, or a golf course style of play.

One thing is for sure: your child will be excited at the prospect of playing a sport that they only see in movies and TV shows!

6. Trampoline

If your child was enrolled in gymnastics when they were younger, they may enjoy doing a trampoline class as a 10-year-old. Even without prior experience, this is a fun activity that most kids enjoy.

Gymnastics is great for younger children as it provides a foundation for other sports. It helps children build important skills like movement. When children take trampoline, it helps them further develop skills like agility, coordination, and even self-confidence.

If you’re having difficulty finding an activity for your child, try trampoline. Chances are your child will love it, even if they don’t immediately love the idea of taking part in it. After all, which child doesn’t love to jump around?

7. Frisbee Golf

If your child has participated in many different sports and you’re looking to get them signed up for something new, try frisbee golf. Participants keep track of how many frisbee throws it takes to hit a target.

Frisbee golf provides children with many benefits. Some of these benefits include increased concentration, patience, strategy and thinking skills.

Of course, this activity is also good for your child’s physical health so you can rest assured they are getting a good workout while also having fun!

Hopefully, this list will help guide your 10-year-old to a summer activity that they enjoy.


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