7 Most Innovative Types of Retail Marketing


For a store to stay afloat, it has to come up with effective marketing strategies to generate new leads. The good thing is there are various types of marketing business may adopt depending on affordability and effectiveness.

The two main types of marketing are direct and indirect marketing. Direct marketing is where products and services are sold directly to the public, while indirect marketing involves distributing products and services through one or more channels. Both types of retail marketing can help your store prosper. With a successful strategy, you will see increased foot traffic and customer engagement with your store.

Whether for new or already-existing businesses, generating new sales and bringing onboard more customers is the name of the game. Retail marketing is particularly effective for stores like the Burlington Shopping Mall, as long as you use the right tactics.

The following are seven different types of retail marketing that are highly effective in generating new leads:

Type #1: Telemarketing

Telemarketing is a popular marketing tool in today’s business world. It involves a select group contacting a list of potential customers to sell services and products to them over the phone. For telemarketing to be effective, the people making the call need to have cutting-edge telephone skills and etiquette to convince people over the phone to buy products and use their services. Most industries have employed this type of marketing strategy to expand their customer base and boost sales.

Type #2: Direct Mail

Direct mail may be described as a way of sending information to clients and prospective clients, informing them about special offers, product sales announcements, service reminders and promotions. Some forms of direct mail include voice mails, CDs, audiotapes, videotapes and emails.

Among the advantages of using direct mail as a marketing tool is the ability to personalize it. Other benefits include its flexibility and the fact that it allows testing and response measurement to gauge the success or otherwise of a campaign.

Type #3: Internet Marketing

The internet has revolutionized marketing in a great way. One significant advantage of the internet is the ability to reach a wide range of customers at the same time. Every time you whip out your phone, there are a couple of things you expect. You expect to be informed and entertained.

You also want to shop using your smartphone and communicate with individuals or groups. This type of marketing is especially ideal for businesses seeking to expand internationally. It’s among the most effective and affordable and types of marketing.

Your store should consider using internet marketing to promote products online. In fact, an online presence should be a critical component of your retail store’s marketing strategy.

Type #4: Face-to-Face Marketing

This type of marketing dates back to the ancient days. Nothing beats marketing a product or a service face-to-face. The immediacy of this type of marketing and its personal nature makes a potential customer feel valued. With the help of colourful POP displays, this type of retail marketing adds a human touch to your business.

With face-to-face marketing, a potential customer can ask a question and receive immediate feedback about a particular product. The feedback is usually personalized in line with the desires and sensibilities of the customer.

Face-to-face marketing is undoubtedly one of the best types of marketing for your retail store. For decades, it has stood the test of time and is set to be around for years to come.

Type #5: Catalogues

Most people do not like the shock of walking into a store only to be hit with unreasonable prices. This is why most prefer first to shop online, mainly to establish how much the products they are interested in cost before making a ‘buy’ decision.

An online catalogue gives a prospective customer a good idea of what they are in for in terms of prices. As much as your store may not be offering online purchases, having an online catalogue helps you generate new leads. This is a perfect strategy if you’re underselling the competition.

Type #6: Advertising through Social Media

Other than the traditional TV and radio adverts, social media is another way to market your retail store. As much as TVs and radios still exist, the internet is literally taking over. Besides, you get to reach a much bigger audience through social media.

Twitter, for example, allows you to promote tweets to market your store. For example, let’s say you want to promote a tweet for your swimwear retail store. The promoted tweet could look like this: “want to know what type of swimsuit to wear for your type of body? Click the link.”

Type #7: Influencer Marketing

How many times has someone recommended you buy a specific item or visit a particular store, and you actually did it? This same concept is duplicated in influencer marketing. People are likely to act upon recommendations of people they know, like and trust.

The influencers may be musicians, actors, authors, and many other influential people. For instance, your store could partner with an influential person who endorses your retail outlet at a fee. The influencer markets your store across their platforms to drive traffic to your store.

When settling for a particular type of marketing, consider the market you wish to reach and the funds you’re willing to invest in marketing.


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