7 Misconceptions Surrounding Plastic Surgery


Plastic surgery has significant medical benefits and psychological benefits. For a long time now, people still view plastic surgery as an evil deed. However, that is just one of the myths surrounding plastic surgery. Here are other misconceptions.

1. It is for the rich

Insurance policies don’t cover plastic surgeries. However, that doesn’t mean that the procedure is only for the rich people. Unlike in the past when people thought that this form of surgery was only for the rich, statistics indicate that most people undergoing the procedure are middle-class people who use their disposable income. Most plastic surgeons provide flexible financing options for their clients, which has made the procedure affordable even among the middle-class individuals.

2. Only women do it

The number of men undergoing various types of plastic surgeries is steadily increasing over the years. Men are requesting for plastic surgeries to look their best to meet the demands of the competitive business market. Notably, men entering their 50s and 40s are undergoing non-surgical procedures such as fillers and use of Botox to enhance their appearance.

3. Women shouldn’t get surgery until they are 60 years old

Women who undergo plastic surgeries at the age of 60 or above will not have a successful procedure. Age negatively affects the results of plastic surgeries. Women who undergo the procedure before menopause can maintain the looks for a longer time because they achieve contour enhancements that can be maintained easily than their counterparts who are post-menopause. Besides, they look more natural and match the overall appearance.

4. It is only for the weak

Most patients enjoy substantial enhancements in body image and derive satisfaction with their quality of life after plastic surgeries. Different types of plastic surgeries are designed to add value to your life rather than adding years to your life. It helps in social skills and self-confidence through improving quality of life. Notably, plastic surgeries are often used for medical reasons rather than cosmetic reasons.

5. Botox is a harmful chemical

Botox, just like any other medicine in the market, can lead to dramatic health issues especially if not prescribed by a health expert. However, plastic surgeons use perfectly safe and minimal dosage to prevent health complications on a patient. Botox is one of the safest medicines on the medical market today.

6. Proper diet and exercise yields surgery-like results

Exercise and proper diet do wonders to the overall functionality of your body. In fact, it should be an essential part of your lifestyle. However, you are not assured that they will stop disfigurement of certain body parts. That is where plastic surgery comes in, to make all the difference.

7. Liposuction is equal to weight loss

Liposuction is not a way of losing weight. Notably, only healthy people who are over the ideal body weight slightly are eligible for liposuction. Liposuction is an excellent way to get rid of small pouches, but it is not a permanent method. If you want to cut weight, you will have to make a healthy diet your routine.