7 Best Ways to Sell Merch Online


Being a renowned face behind unique products or services can be one of the most outstanding achievements in the business world. Creating and selling merch is one of the most ideal ways of achieving that accomplishment. Thanks to advanced technology, business enthusiasts can sell their merch physically or through various online platforms.

Merch, formally known as merchandise, refers to products with specific elements associated with a particular brand. There are plenty of people or business ideas you can engage yourself with to sell merch online, including:

  • Corporate brands and models.
  • Online influencers and celebrities.
  • Media personalities and actors.
  • Bands, musicians, artists, Youtubers, and other content creators.

Furthermore, you don’t have to be tied within the above business ideas to focus on selling merch online. Sometimes, it’s more about believing in yourself and working hard despite your differences.

This blog will focus on the best ways of selling merch online:

1. Plan Strategically

The first step of selling merch online is the planning phase which involves a well-laid proposal of what you wish to achieve in your upcoming business. The main questions to ask yourself in this phase should include what to sell and who to sell to. Another factor to consider in the planning stage is the past and ongoing market trends regarding your preferred products.

After identifying your targeted audience, you can use it to determine what kind of products they value or prefer in their lives. That would be a significant finding to guide you through the process.

2. Shopify Fulfillment Services

Shopify fulfillment services are an essential branch of eCommerce that every online merchandiser should embrace for their business. The process allows business owners to control their operations, especially the inventory, by initiating and finalizing (order fulfillment) orders as received.

Besides making work more accessible, Shopify fulfillment services allow merchandisers plenty of time to focus on other essentials and save on the inventory-keeping process.

3. Create and Design an Online Store

Now that you have all the potential products, you can open an online store to start your business. Opening an online merchandise store is relatively manageable, even for beginners, but it may require them to engage a professional. After successfully developing an online merch store, you can design it to suit your products, trends, and other personal preferences.

Creating online merchandise depends on an individual’s skill set. Whether you settle on doing it yourself or engaging a professional, you should aim at achieving unique and remarkable merch for your products.

4. Find Suppliers and Add Products

The next step in selling merch online after developing an online store is finding reliable suppliers and adding products. At this stage, you should make arrangements with various suppliers to evaluate the best-performing one. The supplier’s products should significantly march your merch ideas and specifications.

Additionally, the products should be of excellent quality to guarantee a good return when you start the business. After choosing your preferred merch, you can add the products to your online store in preparation for getting started. Ensure to stock adequately, considering that your store is still new to the market.

5. Price Well

Products can only sell well when they have reasonable prices to the customers. Choosing the correct product prices can be demanding, so you should engage a financial advisor or expert.

Some factors you should consider when selecting excellent prices for products include the existence of partnerships, market analysis, marketing costs, startup capital, and logistics. Sometimes, manufacturing or selling can also affect price-setting, as print-on-demand and bulk-manufacturing bear different expenses.

6. Market Strategically

With all the excellent prices, you should actively market your products to reach a wide range of customers. You shouldn’t just publicize the store and let potential customers discover it independently.

Instead, it would be great if you strived to contact them through social media platforms, organize giveaway sessions, celebrity marketing, special offers for loyal customers, and arrange a free or low-price sale on the open day. While all the above marketing ideas can be practical for online merch, you should avoid unnecessary expenses while your business is new.

7. Sell Your Merch and Enjoy Every Bit

Congratulations on opening a new online merch store. You can now sell your products wisely while remaining determined to do better daily. While things might not always go as intended, that doesn’t mean that your choice of merch was inappropriate. You can always go for different products and try the process once again while remaining optimistic and determined.

Creating, promoting, and selling online merch can be an exciting yet frustrating process, especially if you don’t have the relevant details regarding the process. Reading this blog post lets you acquire adequate information about selling merch online. Remember to stay unique and embrace possible changes without directly copying other businesses.


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