7 Best Tips for a Social Media Viral Video


The urge to give people a watch they will never forget and blow up on the internet is a dream for many and a reality for some. Going viral may take much hard work and dedication, or it could happen by chance! If you’re searching for how to make a viral video, you’re probably going the first route.

Going viral heavily boost your image and status, making you well-known among others on social media. People have gone viral for the silliest, smartest, or craziest things, including performing dangerous stunts, partaking in mukbangs, “storytime” videos, or simply making a short joke-filled video.

Regardless of how you want to get there and the type of audience you are trying to appeal to, if you put in the work and dedication, you can surely go viral too! But you may wonder, “what kind of work and dedication should I put in?” We’re here to answer that very question for you.

Here are our tips and suggestions on how to make your very own viral social media video!

Tip #1: Choose your content

First things first, to work towards making a viral video, you need to figure out what kind of content you want to make. Your chosen content should ideally align with your interests, making the video easier and more enjoyable. You could be interested in sports, fashion, makeup, motivating others, gaming, etc.

Pick what you want to get famous for to be associated with something you love and are passionate about. Your audience can also pick up on things like this and will be more invested in your content if you are! Once you’ve narrowed down a topic or interest, you can proceed to the next steps.

Tip #2: Know your audience

Next, you must figure out what kind of audience you will target. Knowing your audience and understanding their needs and wants will help you curate content that will fit them perfectly. Consider their age, interests, and the type of content they usually engage with on their social media platforms. Once you have locked this information down, plan the content you feel should be in your videos.

Tip #3: Keep it short

Yes, various lengthy videos have gone viral on social media, but influencers typically post those with a prominent name on the platform. When you’re just beginning to make a name for yourself, aiming to limit the length of your content is recommended. Long videos that are heavy with content, no matter how enjoyable it is, would tend to tire your audience.

Creating and uploading short videos with just the right amount of content helps your audience stay engaged throughout it. Since you’re trying to go viral, you would need several people — thousands and millions of them — to view your videos. Your chances of this increase drastically by shortening your videos so they can be viewed and shared quicker.

Tip #4: Localise your content

Localize your video so it can reach far more viewers! Localization is transforming a video, for example, from the English Language to any other. People who speak other languages can access and understand it. You could do this yourself, or it is far easier for you to use localization services.

Tip #5: Be creative

One of the most important parts of going viral is being as creative as possible! The internet is vast, and people have seen hundreds and thousands of videos filled with highly diverse content. Hence, this part is tricky but an essential step to going viral.

The more creative and different your content is from what your audience has seen before, the more likely they will engage with it and be in awe of it. This also heightens the amount your video will be shared and discussed, allowing it to go viral. So put your thinking cap on and think the most out of the box and entertaining video idea you can come up with!

Tip #6: Collaborate with other influencers

While this method may be unachievable for some, it is a fast-track way to make your video go viral. By collaborating with another influencer who already has a strong follower base and a prominent name on platforms, you can gain traction and put some fame to your name!

Some of their followers may also end up as yours. If you happen to be acquainted with an influencer, ask them to collaborate with you. Other ways to contact them would be by directly messaging them on a social media platform or via any connections you may have. As mentioned, this may be a tricky task, but it is always worth trying!

Tip #7: Share across platforms

Make sure to upload your video to multiple platforms, not just one. Sharing your video on more social media platforms will help it reach a wider audience and increase your video’s views. The wider the audience, the more it will be shared, and you will likely make a viral video!