6 Tooth Care Tips for Kids


Good habits start early, and this can’t be truer for dental care. Most parents assume their children are too young to start a dedicated oral care regimen, but talk to any Oshawa dentist, and you will learn that teeth must be taken care of from the beginning.

No one wants to have teeth like that Martin Lawrence character in Blue Streak. That is was not impressive!

For example, you cannot do anything to salvage your teeth once they start falling out. Therefore, as soon as your baby starts growing their primary teeth, a good dental care must start, including visiting the dentist.

A surprisingly large number of people don’t visit the dentist as often as they should because they feel frightened but since you are the parent, you need to get your child to the dentist. If you are this type of parent with their own fears of the dentist, do not pass them to your child. Remember that your child’s dental health is often in your hands. Therefore, the way you guide them is critical.

The following are six of the most viral tooth care tips for kids.

1. Use fluoride

When kids are young, parents usually give them the safe-to-swallow fluoridated toothpaste, because fluoride is for grownups, right? But dentists suggest that children must also use fluoride toothpaste because it strengths enamel and prevents decay.

When children brush, make sure they use no more than a pea-sized amount of toothpaste. Teach them not to swallow toothpaste while brushing or at any time.

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2. Use the right technique

Unlike scrubbing your skin at certain times if you have some oil or dirt on you, brushing vigorously isn’t how you should do it. When your children are babies, use infant tooth and gum wipes to gently clean their first teeth. This prevents deposits of milk and saliva from building up and causing decay.

Later, when they are toddlers use a small, soft-bristled toothbrush to brush the teeth with a thin layer of toothpaste. When children start brushing their own teeth, teach them to use the right technique, by holding the brush at a 45 degree angle and using it gently. Later, you must begin flossing.

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3. Avoid sugar

It isn’t possible to entirely cut out sugar from your child’s life, but it must be restricted to only once a day. Every time your child consumes sugary or acidic food, make sure they rinse their mouth thoroughly with water (mouthwash diluted in water). This prevents the enzymes the sugar from harming the enamel. Teach your children not to brush immediately after eating sugary or acidic food.

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4. Floss daily

When children turn six, they should be taught to floss daily. Flossing removes food stuck between teeth and prevents bacteria from building. If children don’t want to do it daily, a few times a week is prudent.

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5. Prevent cavities

Ask the dentist what you can do to prevent tooth decay and cavities. Topical fluoride and sealants are two of the most common ways of protecting your child’s teeth from decay.

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6. Visit the dentist often

Right from the time your child’s first teeth come out, a regular dentist visit is crucial. Each time you visit the dentist, it arms you with better knowledge about ways to protect your child’s teeth. When started early, the fear of dentists doesn’t develop.

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When you start taking care of your child’s teeth from the beginning, they don’t have to worry about dentures or crowns and veneers anytime soon or even later. Your child is your responsibility. Their appearance matters even more in school than how they look as an adult.

Appearance always matters but it probably matters more for children for a variety of reasons. For one, they are surrounded by children who don’t have the reasoning abilities that adults do. Children can be cruel to other children so you need to take care of your child’s teeth.