6 Tips for Social Media Marketing for Realtors


Social media is a behemoth where people connect and communicate. Any company needs a strong online presence, essential if you are in the people business, like a realtor.

Using social media as a marketing tool can dramatically expand your audience and promote you as an expert in your niche. All it takes is for you to dive into the deep end.

How can you effectively do it? Here are six tips for social media marking for realtors.

Social Media Marketing Tip #1: Be yourself

If you want to be successful in your business, show people the real you. Many agents have someone else write copy for them, and while it may be good information, it isn’t in your voice. Clients you gain from social media need to meet the person behind the posts, so create all your content.

This is where you can inform and influence people with your personality and make real connections. How you speak on a social network needs to translate to a live conversation, so make sure it is your words and your voice so people get a sense of who you are.

Social Media Tip #2: Engage on the most popular platforms

There are several popular social media platforms that people use, and you need to have a presence on all of them. How you post and share on them will be unique, though, because each one attracts a different type of audience.

Use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to advertise your business and become an expert in your niche. This is where you can engage with certain demographics of buyers through photos and videos, as well as links to articles you wrote on your website. Get into the conversation and develop your brand by having a consistent voice. You can use real estate broker software to help you manage your postings, allowing you to stay organized and coordinated.

Other platforms like Youtube, Instagram and TikTok are vital for getting your message out and attracting a following by entertaining and informing. Use these to show your lifestyle and how you work.

Social Media Marketing Tip #3: Add the right hashtags

People post hashtags to increase likes and get noticed, but they are so much more for your marketing efforts.

These will not only bring engagement your way, but they also help people discover you on the platform. You want to attract homebuyers and sellers, so you need to include the right hashtags that they use to find the information they seek. Some great examples are:

  • #househunting
  • #realtor
  • #realestate
  • #homebuyers
  • #propertyforsale
  • #openhouse
  • #homelisting
  • #homesforsale
  • #justlisted
  • #realestateagent
  • #forsale

These are just a few generic hashtags, but you should customize them to be more relevant to your target location. There are also tools to help you generate great hashtags and analyze and track your usage.

Social Media Marketing Tip #4: Use quotes

As simple as this sounds, it is an effective marketing strategy to connect and resonate with social media users. People love to share quotes and inspirational sayings. This is a way for you to be passed on and shared with a much wider audience. Then as people like, follow and share your content, they get to know you and may look to you when it’s time to make a real estate transaction.

Include well-written quotes with graphics so they are easily copied and pasted. Anyone can write a few words, but you need to attract people visually, so they consume your content and spread it far and wide.

Social Media Marketing Tip #5: Harness social media to drive people to your site

Your website is where all the meat is on the bone. You can put some scraps out and leave a breadcrumb trail on various social media platforms, but it must lead them to your site.

To get clients, they need to obtain valuable information on your site, and once you have them there, your dynamic content, pictures, listing, and videos will turn them into clients. Getting them there takes the constant engagement of your social media platforms, so be consistent and get in on the conversation.

Social Media Marketing Tip #6: Create two-way conversations

It’s very easy to turn people off while online. If you constantly hit them with the in-your-face promotion, they become desensitized and ignore it. Worse, they could unfollow you. It’s much better to have conversations rather than being talked at.

Jump into threads where you can add value and start chatting. You can share information and alert people to opportunities, but sit back and listen. Prospective buyers have needs and want, and if you stick around long enough to hear them, you can answer back and build relationships.

For most, social media is a fun pastime where you share opinions and watch funny videos, but for a real estate agent, it is a vital tool for marketing. Follow these tips to utilize social media platforms and see your business and brand grow rapidly.