6 Tips for New Vaping Users


When you are new to something, sometimes the simplest malfunction or imperfection with a product can turn you off of the entire idea. As with many things, there is somewhat of a learning curve to vaping, but part of your experience is also dependent on your understanding of vape products and using them properly so that you have a more accurate experience of vaping. The following are some tips to help you get the most out of your vaping experiences.

1. Disassemble the Device at Night

This is mainly a precaution, and you might be able to get away with not doing it. However, as a new user, the last thing you want is to experience problems after spending money on the equipment. While it’s not exactly common, vapes can leak from time to time, and by detaching the atomizer or vape tank, you ensure that liquid doesn’t seep into areas, such as the battery, that could damage the equipment.

2. Take Care of Your Liquids

The quality of your e-liquid can dramatically affect the quality of your vaping experience, so you want to be sure to take care of your e-liquids so that you aren’t constantly having to re-buy.

You generally need to shake your e-liquids before using them, especially if they are flavoured or contain nicotine. This ensures that everything mixes properly and that you get a quality vape Toronto every time. You also want to keep your e-liquids out of sunlight and in a sealed container. Exposure to sunlight can hurt nicotine intensity, and leaving your containers open will weaken the flavour.

3. Be Aware of the Potential for Cracking

If you are buying your equipment from a reputable source, your sellers should warn you of the possibility of cracking your vape tank. Plastic containers are notorious for cracking or warping in the presence of certain e-liquids. If you want to be extra-safe, glass tanks will allow you to use whatever juices that you want.

4. Buy a Simple Vape Tank

The vape tank is also called the atomizer, and others might refer to it as the RDA or RBA. While these are often simple, bottom-filled containers, they also get more complicated. You might see people using mods, building their own coils, or dripping onto cotton, but as a new user, experimenting with these kinds of things may result in a bad experience.

5. Starter Kits Will Be Helpful

If you are new and don’t really have somebody that you can go to for advice, buying a starter kit might be extremely helpful. These kits contain everything that you need to start vaping, and they might also come with instructions to ensure you do everything correctly. Starter kits may be extremely basic, but they might also come with a lot of equipment.

6. Pay Attention to Your Batteries

While these incidents are seemingly rare, vaporizer batteries have exploded or caught on fire in the past, and if you are new to vaping, you may not know what to avoid. You don’t want to swap chargers with people, charge your batteries at night, or use batteries that have been dropped in water, torn, or dented.