6 Reasons Why People Switch to Vaping


Vaping satisfies different needs for different people, but there is a very clear attraction to the activity shown by the growth of the industry in the last decade. For traditional cigarette smokers, it may be about finding a nicotine alternative, but vaping attracts non-smokers as well, and, because of the way it works, you can vape without any nicotine at all. Both groups may have different reasons for starting, but when you look deeper into the vaping community, there are likely to be shared reasons as well.

1. It’s Less Destructive

In its most basic form, vaping is simply the inhaling and exhaling of liquid that has been heated into a vapor. As opposed to traditional cigarettes, this means no combustion and no burning of any kind, which eliminates much of the environmental, physical, and social impacts that are so prevalent with cigarettes. Vaping is more socially accepted, less harmful to your body, better smelling, less expensive, and less damaging to your clothes.

2. You Have Better Control

There is little control and little variety when it comes to cigarettes, and vapes give the user far greater control over what they put into their device and what they inhale. This includes flavours, but vapes also come in varying nicotine levels, so you can choose a low or high nicotine content depending on your preference. You can even choose zero percent nicotine.

3. The Flavours

Both vapers that come from cigarettes and those who start on a whim typically enjoy the flavour availability that comes with vaping. There are loads of unique and creative flavours out there, some of which will be more potent than others. For this reason, you get to experiment and find the vape flavour that is most enjoyable.

4. Relaxation

Relaxation appears to be a motivating factor when it comes to vaping. People who smoke cigarettes to relax can do so by vaping with the added peace of mind of knowing that it’s less destructive. However, non-smokers may also get some sort of satisfaction, and the simple act of taking drags is therapeutic for some people. There are even certain flavours that include soothing ingredients.

5. Vaping Is a Hobby

For a great number of people, vaping is simply a hobby more than anything, and users have the ability to modify and customise their equipment in a similar way to how car hobbyists might do so with their vehicles. Vaping hobbyists typically have multiple devices, and people have grown extremely skilful in the act of vaping and manipulating the exhalations.

6. It’s a Community

Vaping is not only more socially acceptable, but it’s also grown into a community where people meet at bars and vape Toronto shops, and, while cigarettes are often banned in public places, vapes are not. You can also learn from fellow vapers, make new friends, and develop a hobby out the experience. Most often, this is an extremely welcoming community where you can ultimately learn more about vaping, acquire new flavours, and strengthen your skills.