6 Physiotherapy Tips for Women After Pregnancy


Many women who just gave birth to a baby notice changes in their body after pregnancy. This might include stretched or weakened muscles in the abdominal and pelvic areas. Maybe you also suffer back pain.

These six postpartum physiotherapy tips can help you recover after giving birth:

1. Perform pelvic floor exercises

Squeeze the muscles in your front and back pelvic area inward similar to how you would if you were to stop yourself from urinating. Hold that position for at least a couple of seconds. Then, release and relax for five seconds. Repeat this action five to 10 times. There is more information to be found at the Dr Keogh website.

2. Practice bladder and bowel control

Urinate when your bladder feels full, and avoid constipation by eliminating bowels as soon as you feel the urge. This will help repair bladder weakness and other digestive problems sometimes attributed to pregnancy.

3. Stand, walk and sit upright

This will help you avoid back pain caused by slouching. Improved posture might also alleviate any pain you currently feel. Keep your head, neck and shoulders upright as well to stop cramping.

4. Try abdominal strengthening routines

For instance, you can lie on your back and pull down your lower back until it is flat and hold that position for three to five seconds. Then, release and repeat this movement at least five to 10 times. A similar routine works using the same steps except that you would pull your abdomen in towards you instead of flattening it to the floor for each repetition. You can also perform these routines while sitting on a chair or standing against the wall.

5. Take regular walks

Walking regularly provides a variety of benefits such as improvement of circulation and a boost in metabolism. This form of exercise also reduces stress and regulates both the nervous and digestive systems.

6. Lift heavy objects with caution

If you feel you have to strain when you lift an object, either have someone help you or use a cart to transport the item. You also may want to avoid carrying a newborn on one hip to make sure you do not cause an injury that could occur by uneven weight distribution. Several weeks after pregnancy, you might be able to lift more then you can now.

If you continue to feel unbearable pain in your body, you might want to seek help from a chiropractor who offers physiotherapy services. Physical therapists also provide support to women who experience pain from injury while pregnant or after giving birth.