6 Cute and Stylish Furniture for Teenage Girl Rooms


Teenage girls are not an easy group to handle. Indeed, this life stage is often wrought with certain challenging moments. In order to help your teenager through these tough years, it is important to create a space that feels wholly their own.

A teenage girl’s room isn’t just a room. It’s a place where she can hang out with her friends, listen to music, experiment with her sense of style, and do her homework. It’s a place where she can escape to when she needs to. More importantly, the furniture in a teenage girl’s room should reflect her unique identity.

In order to help get you started with decorating furniture for teenage girl rooms, here are six of the cutest and stylish ideas!

1. Full Length Mirror

The mirror may be one of the most fundamental furniture for teenage girl rooms. Teenage girls are often at a phase where they are experimenting with their appearance and developing a more established sense of style. Therefore, a mirror is a very important staple in a teenage girl’s bedroom. It is important that the mirror is full length, so that it captures your teen’s fabulous outfit choices.

A mirror is also great in helping a smaller room appear larger. It also helps create the illusion of brighter lighting if your teen’s space lacks natural light. A mirror is a win-win for everyone!

2. Lounge Area

Teens are very social and your daughter’s room will be the epi-centere of all social activities. As such, it is important to invest in seating which will allow your daughter and her friends to hang out and have some privacy.

This lounge area can come in the form of bean bags chairs, benches, couches, or even rugs and throw pillows. You can even include a low coffee table which can hold all of the snacks and drinks that the teenagers are bound to gobble up!

3. Cozy bed

When you are purchasing bedroom furniture for teenage girl rooms, the bed is an essential piece. Teenage girls love their beauty sleep, as they will often sleep in late into the morning (or even afternoon!) on weekends. To help support their extensive sleep habits, we recommend investing in a large mattress and bed frame. Instead of buying a single or twin mattress, we suggest going for a queen mattress, if your teen’s room allows for it.

A bigger mattress will give her more opportunities to lounge around and relax. As well, a bigger mattress will also grow with your teenager, so you don’t need to purchase another one as she grows and needs more space!

The best part about getting a new mattress is investing in a bigger bed frame. You can have your teenager exercise her creative authority here and pick a bed frame of her dreams. Will she choose one which is white with a canopy? Dark with bookshelves? Or a complete lack of bed frame? It’s all up to her!

4. Storage Space

Even though your teen put away her extensive collection of Barbies and Polly Pockets, that doesn’t mean that she is willing to get rid of them for good. As such, we recommend that you invest in some storage space.

A great option is some bookshelves or a chest of drawers. The drawers are a great option for your potentially messy teenager, as things can be easily hidden out of sight in them. They are also great for keeping your young daughter on the right track to keeping organized. There is plenty of space for all of her items.

If you do decide to go the bookshelf route, ensure that you invest in some storage bins to hide all of the various items that your teenager is trying to put away.

5. Workstation

Our greatest hope for our teenagers is that they excel in school and in their career aspirations. In order to motivate them, it is important to set up a work and study office nook in their room. This should consist of a computer desk, some shelving, and a comfortable office chair.

In order to make the space motivational and inspiring, consider having your teenager involved in the purchase and design process. This will ensure that they love their work space and want to spend extensive hours in it, getting things done!

6. Beautiful Art

Your teenager’s room should be a reflection of her interests, hobbies and passions. As such, work together to pick out artwork that is reflective of exactly that. Artwork can consist of paintings, framed posters, sculptures, or anything in between. Pick art pieces that will go splendidly with the furniture in the teenage girl’s room.

Your teenage daughter is at a phase where she is longing to express herself. Your job as a parent is to ensure that her environment is conducive to her expression and her hobbies. Once she gets older, she will undoubtedly appreciate your support and effort.


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