6 Benefits of Smoking Weed Before Bedtime


When it comes to casually or recreationally consuming marijuana, the possibilities for a good time are endless. Some may choose to do a few puffs with friends while hanging out, while others may eat a cannabis-infused edible. There are also weed delivery services available, giving you access to a wide selection of products without even leaving your home.

Recent research has shown that the benefits of smoking weed outweigh the cons. In fact, there are certain advantages when consuming marijuana before bed. Though different studies may vary, some benefits are clear and noticeable. If you want to improve your eight hours of slumber, below are the six benefits of smoking weed before bed:

Benefit #1: Better Sleep

First and foremost, a better night’s sleep is to be had if marijuana is smoked beforehand. No matter the extract used in consumption, whether it is TCH or CBD, research has noted improvements in overall sleep. If there is more THC used in your chosen cannabis product, the more time a person will find themselves sleeping.

This may be considered to be a downside to some, however. On the flip side, if timed correctly, it likely won’t be an issue. That is why it is vital to those consuming cannabis with THC to not do it immediately before bed. The effect will inevitably kick in, but only as far as your body allows it to!

Benefit #2: Breathing

In addition to better sleeping patterns, another benefit of smoking weed before bed is that it will improve your overall breathing. Those who suffer greatly from numerous sleep disorders often note that difficulties in breathing are a huge struggle. This often comes with multiple other ancillary symptoms, such as constant fatigue or daytime drowsiness.

To counteract this, THC has been found to restore an individual’s respiratory system when consumed in moderate amounts. The signaling of the chemical serotonin is regulated accordingly, allowing a person to enjoy uninterrupted sleep. If you are a huge snorer, you may be pleased to find that cannabis can alleviate you of this issue outright.

Benefit #3: More Lucid Dreaming

For those who are enamoured by the content of their dreams, pursuing lucid dreaming may be highly fascinating. Since many studies have demonstrated that marijuana before bedtime reduces REM sleep, an interesting side effect eventually manifests. Known as the REM rebound effect, this happens when a frequent pattern of pre-bedtime cannabis consumption is broken.

Eventually, the body begins to regulate itself back to normative functions. However, the potential for REM sleep, and highly vivid dreams, increases dramatically. If you’re looking to take a small break from weed consumption, be prepared for some truly magnificent dreaming.

Benefit #4: Enhanced Sleep Effects

If the effect of cannabis on your sleeping is not enough, you may be able to enhance its overall potency. Natural sleep remedies such as lavender, when paired with cannabis, can augment the ability to sleep better. Taking these two substances together will inevitably make the sedation effect that much more powerful.

The buck doesn’t just stop at lavender, however. Other natural sleep remedies, such as chamomile, work just as great when used in tandem with cannabis. If you find yourself struggling to sleep, even with the use of marijuana, try adding in a natural remedy before bed!

Benefit #5: Aiding PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, is a very common disorder in many different segments of our population. In fact, it may be the reason as to why many individuals are prevented from falling asleep outright. This can worsen, if not treated accordingly, and can be the cause for severe anxiety and depression.

By taking in some cannabis with a THC extract, studies have shown that some individuals have naturally been able to fall asleep. Once this occurs, the horrifying nightmares that stem from PTSD can be mitigated or outright nullified. If you suffer from PTSD, or know someone who does, consuming cannabis can give you the rest you rightfully deserve.

Benefit #6: Variety Of Consumption

One of the best parts about consuming cannabis is that you are not limited to just smoking. It really comes down to personal preference. For example, most people who want a full, uninterrupted night’s sleep will employ the use of edibles. At other times, smoking provides an immediate effect, and can be used in those respective circumstances.

Of course, the key here is to time the consumption correctly. Edibles usually kick in after a couple of hours, while the smoking counterpart manifests immediately. Depending on your consumption style, and bedtime schedule, it would be best to consider which item to consume before hitting the hay.

Cannabis, as well as the products that come infused with its extracts, have proven to be a major advantage in many areas. As it pertains to getting a good night’s rest, the benefits are definitely a huge selling point. Research may still be ongoing, but you can rest assured that a better slumber is all but guaranteed!


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