5 Ways To Deal With A Broken Bone


Broken bones are one of the most common injuries people suffer from. Whether it’s the collarbone, an arm, an ankle, or a leg, the bone will need significant time to heal. You’ll need to see a number of medical professionals, such as an orthopedic surgeon, a physiotherapist, and a massage therapist. You’ll also have to do rehabilitation exercises while healing. You may need to wear a cast or a boot, and you may even need crutches. Let’s take a look at 5 ways to deal with a broken bone.

1. Go to the hospital

If you think you may have broken a bone, you’ll need to go to the nearest hospital. Sometimes, a fracture is not apparent until a few hours after the injury. Keep an eye on any areas you’ve recently injured, and seek medical attention if you feel pain.

At the hospital, they’ll give you an x-ray and diagnose the problem. You may need a surgery, if the fracture has shattered the bone, or simply a cast in order to let it heal.

2. Talk to a specialist

When seeking medical care for a broken bone, it’s important to consult with a specialist, such as an orthopedic surgeon. These trained professionals are knowledgeable about broken bones, and will be able to predict how your bone will heal. Diagnosis typically involves x-rays, ultrasounds, and physical examinations.

In Ontario, there can be long wait times for specialists, especially when it comes to a broken bone. But the specialized care makes it worthwhile to take the time. If you would like to learn more, visit Dr Keogh .

3. See a physiotherapist

When you’re discharged from the hospital for a broken bone, it’s typically recommended that you see a physiotherapist. While many people do not take this advice, it’s the best thing you can do to ensure you heal correctly. A physiotherapist will assess your joint’s range of motion, any damage to your tendons or musculature, and any other problems you are experiencing and develop a personalized treatment plan for you. You’ll be assigned exercises to perform on your own to ensure you get your strength and flexibility back after your injury.

4. See a massage therapist

When you injure a bone, you may not think to treat the muscles surrounding it. However, massage therapy can make a big difference to the area surrounding a broken bone. It’s recommended to see a massage therapist after breaking a bone, because you may have to use your muscles in an unusual way to compensate for the loss of use caused by the broken bone. Because you broke a bone, you can often get a doctor’s recommendation for massage therapy which means your insurance will cover it.

5. Use ice.

Applying ice to a broken or sprained bone can help reduce swelling and inflammation, and ultimately reduce pain. Applying ice also helps speed the healing process and helps you regain your functionality as soon as possible. Purchasing a good-quality reusable ice pack is a good investment as you can use it again in the future.