5 Vaping Misconceptions Influencing Vaping Habits


Vaping has over time become popular than ever, with close to two million vapers in Canada alone. The more exposed vaping becomes, the more misconceptions are perpetuated by the general public and media alike. The following are five vaping myths that are shaping the smoking space.

1. E-Cigarettes can Explode in the Pocket

Though it may sound harsh, it has been discovered that user errors cause most of these e-cig explosions. After all, cells can’t explode in the pocket for no reason. Perhaps you have stored your mod in contact with a metal object, or its battery is loose. The explosion can also be as a result of poor maintenance caused by a damaged casing or when several factors push the cells to their limits.

2. Vaping is as Dangerous as Tobacco Rolls

Many people are often sceptical about vaping benefits and can’t see the difference
between smoking and vaping. However, burning tobacco rolls and inhaling the smoke introduces a lot of harmful compounds in the body. Tobacco rolls can not only dull the sense of smell and taste but also produce carcinogen when burned. In contrast, the only ingredient that a vaper consumes after vaping is nicotine, which isn’t as dangerous as other compounds that a smoker gets exposed to when smoking tobacco rolls.

3. Vape Pens can’t help Quit Smoking

Vape pens were initially designed to help smokers quit smoking cigarette rolls. Recent research has shown a downward trend in the number of smokers due to the rising popularity of vaping. Vape pens allow vapers to control their nicotine intake by buying e-cigarette with less toxic compounds. It will even enable vapers to either switch to no or low nicotine options or reduces their dosage. Its smooth transition also let vapers reduce their withdrawal symptoms and increase their chances of stopping smoking.

4. No one Knows Ingredients in E-Liquid

Though vapers may sometime not know what is in their e-liquid, there are scientific methods to test the presence of nicotine and other compounds in your e-cigarette. Experts recommend buying e-liquid from reputable suppliers so that you can check all ingredients that are in the e-liquid. E-liquids from reputable vendors contain four elements, which include nicotine, propylene glycol, natural and artificial flavoring, and vegetable glycerin. Learn more information from the resources on the Dashvapes website.

5. Only for Non-Smokers

Vaping was introduced as a traditional tobacco smoking alternative. E-liquid vendors rarely market their products to non-smokers; instead, their target audience is smokers who would want to quit their smoking habit. E-cigarette vendors who are attempting to rope in non-smokers are likely to be illegitimate since vaping was initially meant to be an alternative to tobacco rolls smoking. Recent research has found that only 0.1% of people who have never smoked are now vaping.