5 Things You Should Do Before Starting Your First Physiotherapy Session


Physiotherapy is both a psychological and physical process. If you become knowledgeable about these five things, then you could reap much more than just the physical benefit.

1. Keep an Open Mind

It is important not to have any prior judgments or misconceptions about physiotherapy before going into your first session. While a support group for whatever condition you are suffering from is helpful, be careful not to surround yourself with people who feel it does not work. They might not have put in enough effort, or they might even have been badly influenced by someone else. Everyone’s situation is usually different.

2. Shop for Loose-Fitting and Comfortable Clothing

Because of the physical intensity of this process, you want to keep everything else about the session comfortable, especially your dressing. If you do not have comfortable and loose fitting cotton clothing, go out and get a few pairs in preparation. You will feel better when you are going through a difficult session, but do not have tight and uncomfortable clothing to further hinder your progress.

3. Watch What You Put Into Your Body

As you go through your sessions, your body will need as much fuel as possible. Keep yourself hydrated not just during the sessions but outside, as well. This will get rid of toxins and keep your system cleansed. You should also eat healthy balanced meals. Avoid fast and processed foods that will slow down your progress. Your body will need energy for the right food, so this is not the time to go on a restrictive diet or avoid carbohydrates.

4. Make Sure You Stay Informed

It helps if you do some research on your own about what physiotherapy is and what it does to your body. If you are suffering from a serious injury that threatens your career and livelihood, it will help you to keep a positive mind.

Once you get into your first session, you should feel free to ask your doctor as many questions as possible. Inquire about success rates, precautions, and what you can do at home to enhance your sessions with the physiotherapist. You will find that some therapists give you work to do at home.

5. Cultivate a Disciplined Nature

Your Therapy will likely take time, hard work and dedication. If you lack discipline and moral support, you could give up on the way because there will be hard days. The good thing is that there will be good days when you make real progress. These days should be well-recorded so you can always remind yourself how far you have come and your goals for getting your body back into shape.

If you have checked all of the above, then you can comfortably go for your first session