5 Signs that You Need the Services of a Physiotherapist


Often when people think about physiotherapy, they imagine of a treatment reserved for elite athletes or someone recovering from an injury. However, don’t wait until when you are unable to walk to seek out the services of a physiotherapist. Physical pain or discomfort could indicate that someone needs physiotherapy. Below are five signs that you need the services of a physiotherapist.

1. Loss of Balance

Any condition that affects the inner ear can cause loss of body balance. Your inner ear plays an integral role in the body’s balance system. Some of the symptoms that your inner ear has problems include balance disturbance, dizziness, and vertigo. However, with the help of a physiotherapist, you can design a series of head exercises to address issues with your inner ear. Vestibular rehabilitation is a physiotherapy treatment that someone can use as an alternative to surgery.

2. Severe Pain

You probably expect to feel pain after suffering an injury. Perhaps an ankle injury could cause you to limp for a couple of weeks. You could be waiting for the pain to reduce as the ligament heals. However, the ligament might not recover as expected and the pain could become severe. In this scenario, you can work with a physiotherapist to design a series of exercises and rehabilitation programs that will speed up your recovery. Treatment can include massage and activities that will support your sprained ankle.

3. Urinating Uncontrollably

The uncontrolled passing of urine is a common disorder. You will find it in more women than men, and most cases are among the elderly. Urinary incontinence occurs when sudden, intense urge to pass urine causes urine to leak. It may also happen when a cough and sneeze subjects your bladder to pressure.

However, you can improve the condition through pelvic floor exercises. You can buy a fitness DVD or get in touch with a physiotherapist to learn how to perform pelvic floor exercises. However, you should see a doctor if the condition is causing nerve leg or spinal pain.

4. Mobility Issues

If you ever noticed that you couldn’t touch your toes or stretch your arm anymore, then that could be an indicator you needed physiotherapy services. Your physiotherapist will provide you a series of exercises that will relax the muscles and strengthen the supporting tissue. That way, you will be able to increase your flexibility.

5. Sleeplessness

Sleep patterns can be indicators that you need services of a physiotherapist. For example, chronic lower back pain could be causing discomfort while you are asleep. You don’t have to be in severe pain to seek out therapy services. Addressing the above indicators and consulting your physiotherapist can be a great way to assess your physical state.