5 Quick and Easy Eyelash Extension Care Tips


How do I keep my eyelash extensions looking fresh? Read on to discover six ways to keep them looking great!

Eyelash extensions are an easy way to add length, volume, and colour to your lashes without spending hours in front of a mirror. The extensions, especially mink lashes, are a quick way to change your look for special occasions. But how do you keep them looking good?

Here are five simple eyelash extension care tips for you to follow:

Eyelash Extension Care Tip #1: Cleanse your lashes regularly.

First things first, make sure you cleanse your lashes regularly. This will help remove any dirt or oil that might cause your extensions to fall out. You should wash your face at least once daily with warm water and mild soap. Then, use a gentle cleanser to wipe away any makeup residue gently.

In the past, oil cleaning was the most effective method of removing makeup; however, most makeup removers contain oils. But as we both know, oil is your worst enemy when wearing eyelash extensions. The eyelash adhesive used to attach the lash extension to the native lash is infamous for dissolving in oil.

Eyelash extensions can be safely cleaned using micellar water. It is advised to use oil-free micellar water after carefully reviewing the label’s list of components. The adhesive holding your extension to your natural lashes might be dissolved by oils.

Eyelash Extension Care Tip #2: Don’t overdo it with moisturizer.

The skin around your face, ears, neck, and chest is susceptible to environmental changes. It is the area known to develop skin cancer most frequently. Additionally, because these skin regions shed skin cells more quickly than other body regions, they require moisture to heal, which enables newer skin cells to come to the surface.

The massage motion employed when applying lotion aids in promoting blood circulation and producing new cells. Moisturizing is crucial to keep your skin looking healthy, young, and vibrant. This is especially true about the sensitive skin around your eyes. However, if you have eyelash extensions using excessive moisturizer may be more harmful than good.

Many skin moisturizers are made with an oil base which is excellent for your skin but harmful to your lashes. The oil in this skincare product can cause the glue from your extensions to weaken and your lashes to fall out.

Eyelash Extension Care Tip #3: Avoid heat or sunlight.

Another thing to avoid if you have lash extensions is using too much heat or getting too much exposure to sunlight. These things can damage your lashes and make them fall out faster. Using too much heat, your extensions could become brittle and fall off. And if you leave your extensions exposed to direct sunlight, they’ll fade and fall out faster than expected.

Sunlight has the potential to break down the adhesive used in eyelash extension applications. The same is true for tanning beds, where the light’s heat can cause the glue to break down. Therefore, putting on a pair of goggles is one way to prevent your lash extension from falling out prematurely. Choose a pair of goggles that correctly overtop your eyelash extensions, giving them lots of room, so they don’t get damaged.

Eyelash Extension Care Tip #4: Don’t touch your eyelashes.

When you have eyelash extensions, you shouldn’t touch them at all. This is something that many people don’t realize. Because of the natural oils, your fingertips produce, stroking your lash extensions too frequently might cause them to become dislodged from your lash line and fall off. If this is the case, it amounts to little more than a waste of good money for minimal effect. That is something nobody wants.

Eyelash Extension Care Tip #5: Wear goggles during spray tans

Tanning sprays can cover your eyelash extensions, causing them to shed their lashes more quickly. It also weakens the link that holds them to your natural lashes. Because of this, goggles are the best buddy that your extensions could ask for. Choose a pair of goggles that completely covers your eyes. Plus, be sure that they are large enough that they don’t kink or squish your eyelash extensions.

A gorgeous appearance is something that every person on earth values. Because of this, society has become completely insane in its pursuit of achieving the ideal of physical beauty by all means necessary. This pressure has the most significant impact on women. Fortunately, there are many ways that someone can enhance their physical appearance without having to use drastic measures or harmful chemicals.

Eyelash extensions are a safe and effective way to help increase your beauty and youthfulness, in a non-permanent and non-invasive way, without any unwanted side effects. If you want long, luscious lashes that look both flirty and glamorous, try out extensions today!


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