4 Ways A Dentist Can Improve Your Appearance


If you’re self-conscious of your smile, it can be hard to truly enjoy yourself and let loose. Fortunately, there are many ways a dentist can help improve your appearance, such as tooth whitening, implants, and other cosmetic dental procedures. Let’s take a look at the top 4 ways your dentist can help you look better.

1. Tooth Whitening

There’s nothing a dental health professional loves more than helping people achieve beautiful, healthy, and white teeth! Having whiter teeth can definitely give your confidence a huge boost, and it’s an easy way to improve your overall appearance.

Typically, dentists will offer a number of whitening options within a variety of price ranges. Sometimes, the treatments can be fast, too — and you’ll often see results right away. Talk to your dentist about your options for whitening your teeth.

2. Dental Implants

If you’re missing teeth, your smile may make you self-conscious because you’re worried people will notice the gaps. There are a few options for replacing lost teeth, including bridges, dentures, and dental implants Toronto.

Dental implants are top-of-the-line solutions for missing teeth. They’re a long-lasting solution that requires very little special maintenance. They are installed directly into the jawbone just like your natural teeth, and they stay in your mouth permanently until they break down or need replacing.

You can often get a portion of your dental implants covered by insurance. If you’re not sure, call the office and ask them to find out whether your insurance covers any portion, and how much.

3. Tooth Straightening

Your dentist can refer you to an orthodontist for a consultation if your teeth are not straight. While orthodontists often work with preteens and teens, you can still get braces as an adult. Many adults who have made this decision say they have no regrets and they’re glad they now have straight teeth.

There are also other options aside from braces, including InvisAlign, which is a set of clear retainers that slowly shift the shape of your teeth. There are other “invisible braces” options as well that are less obvious than the classic metal braces most preteens wear. By talking to your dentist, the two of you can figure out a plan for straightening your teeth that works for you and your budget.

4. Regular Cleaning

Believe it or not, making sure your teeth are clean can help improve your appearance. First, you’ll be more confident when smiling and talking around others because you’ll be less likely to have bad breath. And also, you’ll feel fresh and healthy which can improve your confidence.

It’s important to schedule regular dental checkup visits with your dentist to maintain your teeth’s appearance and health. At your checkup, you’ll get a full cleaning with the hygienist, and a cavity check, gum check, and x-rays from the dentist. All this can contribute to helping you smile more confidently.