15 Best Dream Home Ideas for Future Homeowners


There is nothing like daydreaming about your dream home and deciding which awesome features you would like to include in its blueprints.

After all, it’s your dream home. You want it to be unique and to have great things that your friends’ houses don’t have.

Here are 15 dream home ideas to inspire you!

Idea #1: A secret room

We simply can’t make a list of exciting dream home ideas without mentioning a secret room. The entrance of your secret room could be hidden behind a custom bookcase or underneath a special staircase.

But what should be inside it? It’s up to you to decide. Consider consulting with custom home builders for their expert ideas.

Idea #2: A staircase slide

Who said slides were only for kids? When you design your dream home, nothing stops you from adding a fun staircase slide if you want one.

You could then go upstairs like a grown-up and joyfully slide down to please your inner child.

Idea #3: An island fridge

Many current and future homeowners dream of a large kitchen island. And the only thing that could be better than a kitchen island with a spacious sink and a lot of counter space is a kitchen island featuring a small fridge.

Because you can never have too much space in your fridge to keep fresh ingredients and leftovers.

Idea #4: A wine cellar

In your dream home, you don’t have to store your bottles of wine in the fridge. Instead, you can keep them in a gorgeous wine cellar where they will be stored perfectly.

How about a wine cellar with a spiral staircase accessed from your kitchen?

Idea #5: A ceiling hammock

A ceiling hammock will be a great idea if your dream home has high ceilings. Instead of a regular hammock, your ceiling hammock could be a large net attached below the ceiling, where you could lay down with pillows and nap or read a book.

Idea #6: A suspended bed

Instead of a large hammock, you could get a suspended bed in the bedroom of your dream home.

Whether you want to climb on it with a ladder or a staircase, your suspended bed would feel like a bunk bed for adults.

Idea #7: A skylight

Your suspended bed will be even more appealing under a skylight, so you can look at the stars right before sleep.

But a skylight is a wonderful dream home idea, no matter where it is. It will instantly brighten up your home with natural light.

Idea #8: A remote-controlled smart toilet

Let’s not forget about the bathroom of your dream home. How about getting a remote-controlled smart toilet in there?

With just a touch of a button, your smart toilet could light up in the colour of your choice, play your favourite song, or activate its seat warmer. Some smart toilets can even clean themselves!

Idea #9: Showerhead speakers

If you like singing while you shower, your dream home could feature showerhead speakers.

These are designed to work safely when hot water splashes all around, and they allow you to listen to your favourite music and sing along.

Idea #10: A waterfall in your bathroom

It’s your dream home, so you can choose to shower in a waterfall if you want to. Different showerheads can make you feel like you are standing under a waterfall.

But if you can’t find one large enough, you can get a custom waterfall shower for your dream bathroom.

Idea #11: Staircase drawers

A dream home needs plenty of storage space. A fun way to store your shoes, boots, and anything else you don’t know where to keep is to design staircase drawers.

Each stair of your staircase could become a small drawer. Or you could have a few bigger ones on the side of your staircase.

Idea #12: Stained glass windows

Why should you only have regular windows when you can add at least a few stained glass windows to your dream home?

Stained glass windows can be designed to show geometric shapes, flowers, or anything you can imagine. And when the sun shines through them, they illuminate the room with bright colours.

Idea #13: A heated driveway

Consider a heated driveway if you want your dream home to feature a spacious garage. Thanks to its radiant heating system, it will melt snow, and you will never need to shovel your driveway.

Idea #14: A foldable balcony

Did you know foldable balconies existed? A foldable balcony looks like a large window, but when you want to spend time outside, you can fold it out and down to become a temporary balcony.

Sure, a real balcony would probably be more convenient. But a foldable balcony sounds like fun and will certainly impress your guests.

Idea #15: A dream house for your dog

Finally, if you have a dog, you could also design a dream home for him. The space under a staircase is perfect for this purpose.


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