12 Stylish Condo Balcony Accessories to Decorate Your Home


If you’re lucky to have a condo balcony, congratulations! You have the most sought-after space any home can offer. Most city-dwellers dream of private outdoor space, even if it’s just a fire escape. Unfortunately, this space often goes unused or is used to store all the junk. Condo balconies have plenty of design potential. Whether you’re working with 100 square feet or 20 square feet, the options for condo balcony accessories are endless.

With a bit of inspiration and creativity, you can transform your condo balcony into a visually appealing and relaxing space. Just free your imagination and let it run wild. Check out these twelve stylish condo balcony accessories:

Accessory #1: Condo Balcony Flooring

When accessorizing your balcony, the balcony flooring is a great place to start. The right condo balcony flooring will add a sense of perfection and polish to your space and significantly increase its visual appeal. There are many options to choose from in the market today. They come in a wide variety of materials, colours, shapes and sizes, which allow one to fully express their style, personality and creativity.

Accessory #2: Accent Chair

Accent chair is another balcony accessory that you need to consider for your outdoor space. An accent chair is a fun and practical way of accessorizing your condo balcony. There are very few activities you can enjoy on your small balcony. Enjoying the sunset, drinking coffee and reading a book are the classic balcony activities.

So, by adding an accent chair, you can convert your condo balcony into a reading nook, which can double as a place where you can enjoy the view and a cup of coffee. The key here is finding a big chair to curl up in, but not so big that it overwhelms the space.

Accessory #3: Balcony Shelves

One of the biggest mistakes people make when accessorizing a condo balcony is forgetting to use the wall space. By adding shelves, you can accessorize even more with plants, lights or books.

Accessory #4: Plants

If you are one of the few people blessed with a balcony and a green thumb, you probably have a small collection of cilantro and basil growing. But why stop there? Hang a few spider plants from decorative baskets, drape ivy over shelves, and line the window sills with different size pots. Your tiny condo balcony will feel like a greenhouse before you know it. Accessorizing with plants complements the view to create a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere.

Accessory #5: Pillows and Blankets

As a kid, nothing was quite as magical and dreamy as having your own fort made of blankets and pillows. Fast forward to a few decades later, and the same idea can be applied to a condo balcony. To make an adult fort, add faux turf, a soft weather-proof blanket, and all the pillows at your disposal.

Accessory #6: Day Bed

In a perfect world, everyone would spend their time in a private cabana by the poolside enjoying their favourite drinks. But since all you can do is wait for your next vacation to make that happen, why not make the most of your condo balcony. To bring the same luxurious cabana-like ambiance to your outdoor living space, accessorize with a giant day bed.

Accessory #7: Breakfast Bar

Is your condo balcony space too small to fit a table? No worries. You can purchase a pre-made table that fits snugly on your ledge or build a breakfast bar using plywood. For seating, just add some bistro stools, and voila! You’ll have an intimate space where you can enjoy your coffee as you scroll through your social feed.

Accessory #8: Balcony Lights

If you enjoy outdoor living at night, lighting is essential. In this case, built-in sconces or harsh overhead lights will not do the trick. Instead, create soft-focus lighting using string lights, candles (real or fake) and lanterns. This will make the perfect date-night ambiance for those special nights with your significant other.

Accessory #9: Tent or Curtain

As much as it feels great to hang out on a condo balcony and soak in the sun, you also need to make sure your skin is protected, especially on sunny days. Use the railing to hang curtains or add a tent. You’ll be thanking yourself in the heat of summer.

Accessory #10: Wood Pallets

Wood pallets are a blessing to the DIY world. People use them to make everything from tables to platform beds and even swings. They’re also a great addition to condo balconies. Create an easy DIY daybed by stacking them and a small table that looks custom-made.

Accessory #11: Folding Furniture

If your condo balcony is limited in terms of space, try accessorizing using furniture. The furniture can be folded or tucked away when no one is using them. This will free up floor space and give you the freedom to transform the space into anything you want, whenever you want.

Accessory #12: Balcony Hammock

You may be living in the city, but nothing is stopping you from transforming your condo balcony into a space that makes you feel like you’re already on vacation. Hang a hammock and add some cushions to it to create a laid-back vibe.


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