10 Surprising Benefits of Vaping Regularly


More young people are taking up vaping over tobacco cigarettes for several reasons. You can even be a non-smoker and enjoy vaping. You can be of any age, any gender, or from any background and be able to afford safe, high-quality vaping products. The more one digs into vaping, the more people realize its surprising benefits.

Vaping comes with many surprising advantages. Here are the ten benefits of vaping regularly:

Benefit #1: Vaping Is Safer Than Smoking

Hundreds of thousands of people die every year from smoking cigarettes. The chemicals in tobacco cigarettes can lead to cancer and heart disease and double the risk of stroke. The misinformation spread about vaping being unsafe is difficult to contend with when looking at the damage cigarettes do. Any vape liquid contains far fewer substances and is a purer substance than cigarettes and should be considered safe.

Benefit #2: Vaping Is Cheaper Than Smoking

On top of being safer than cigarettes, vaping is also cheaper. The average smoker in Canada spends nearly $2,700 on cigarettes every year. A lot of people spend more than that. For the average vaper, they buy roughly $560 of e-liquid annually. That’s a big cut in cost. Of course, when vaping, one has to purchase their vape device and may have additional accessories to buy. However, overall, costs are a lot lower with vaping.

Benefit #3: Avoid Lung Damage From Smoking

Smoking damages the lining of the lungs and the airways, leading to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD. Every year in Canada, more than 300,000 people are affected by this form of lung disease, leaving them with difficulty breathing and irreversible lung damage. When done correctly, vaping avoids this damage and can even reduce symptoms as someone switches from cigarettes to vapes.

Benefit #4: Vaping Is The Most Effective Way To Quit Smoking

More than 50% of Canadian smokers express a desire to quit. Multiple studies have cited vaping as being nearly twice as effective as traditional nicotine replacement therapies, including nicotine gum, patches, inhalers, and other quitting aids. You are far more likely to succeed at quitting cigarettes when you switch to vaping. This could save your health and save your life. Vaping allows you to continue many of the same rituals and habits of smoking without damage.

Benefit #5: You Can Customize Your Nicotine Levels

Not all vaping liquids have nicotine in them. Some carry none, while others have varying levels. If you’re trying to taper off cigarettes, you can gradually reduce your nicotine to avoid any withdrawal symptoms and successfully totally take yourself off nicotine altogether in time.

If you are nervous about vaping with nicotine, as a non-smoker, you can choose e-liquids with none in them. There is a wide variety of vaping and e liquid products available.

Benefit #6: You Won’t Always Smell Like Smoke

There is no lingering scent to vaping. Everything evaporates instantly. You aren’t walking around every day with a strong scent. Furthermore, if you smell like anything, it’s going to be something pleasant. Vape liquids have fruity, sweet-smelling undertones. Many people opt for flavorful vapes that are very kind on the nose. There’s nothing unpleasant getting in your hair, clothing, and over the skin. No one has to know you’re vaping unless you tell them.

Benefit #7: You Can Vape Almost Anywhere

Due to the lack of lingering scent, it will not get into the walls, carpet, and room. You can vape indoors and in spaces that aren’t properly ventilated without compromising air quality. Although we typically recommend being somewhere where there is decent air, rest assured that you can vape anywhere and not risk the scent sinking into furnishings and fabrics, staining the room as cigarette smoke does.

Benefit #8: Second-hand Vapor Is Safer Than Smoke

Second-hand smoke from tobacco cigarettes contains 7,000 chemicals and 70 cancer-causing ingredients, increasing the risk of respiratory infections, ear, nose, and throat infections, and asthma. Though second-hand vapour is still being studied, it appears the effects are negligible, with none of the risks of second-hand cigarette smoke. Any vapour evaporates very quickly, which reduces the danger others are put around you with anything second-hand.

Benefit #9: There Are 1,000s Of Vape Juice Flavors

There is no limit on vape juice flavours. There are e-liquids made to taste like so many different things, from strawberry lemonade to blueberries, cookie dough, deep-fried cream, and more. The amount of variety in the vape juice market is unbelievable. There’s something for everybody, whether you prefer something sweet or savoury. It can be a lot of fun experimenting and discovering what you like, with far more choices than cigarettes.

Benefit #10: Vape Juices Are Comparably Pure

With high-quality vape juice bought from a reliable source, vape juices are pure compared to cigarettes. There are far fewer ingredients in vape juices. Most contain singularly a base of either propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin as well as nicotine and vape flavourings. There are nowhere near the 7,000 chemicals found in cigarettes. You are getting a fairly pure vaping product at the end of the day, untainted by the sort of dangerous ingredients found in comparable alternatives.


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