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The Truth About Abuse

Abuse is about power and control. The situation usually "creeps up" on the person and they simply do not see how they are coming under tighter and tighter controls and more and more abuse.

It could be said that centuries of a patriarchal privilege have defined a man's relationship to a woman in terms of ownership and entitlement. That it is a culmination of sexism deeply rooted in history, culture and law. It is about social behavior. As humans we need to take responsibility and recognize that domestic violence will cease when there is social change. It is about stopping abusive behavior.

Awareness, Education, Inspiration

There are thousands of abuse cases in our country every year. But the level of recognition and understanding about domestic violence is severely deficient. We're here to increase that awareness.

Enlightening the public and abuse victims to the types of violence that threatens so many is a priority. Learning about what domestic abuse is, who it affects, and how to break the cycle is critical.

It is said, "When you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always gotten." Thousands have broken the cycle of abuse, and anyone can do it. Living with an abuser is no way to live at all. Taking action gives people the life they deserve.

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